The Boulder Swim Team requires its members to pay the team on time so that the team can fulfill its financial obligations. Membership Dues are determined by membership projected over a twelve-month period. Membership Dues for each training group are set forth below. Membership Dues may be paid either annually (due Sept 15th) or monthly.  Monthly payments are due on the first of the month.  Boulder Swimming assumes members will make monthly payments unless notified that the annual payment option has been chosen.  Monthly Membership Dues are automatically posted to each family’s swim team account at the end of the month preceding the due date.  Other charges such as swim meet fees (NOT INCLUDED IN MONTHLY DUES) and equipment purchases are entered into members’ accounts as they occur and are due on the 1st day of the month after which they have been posted.

All swimmers will need to be registered with USA swimming for each calendar year. You will be charged $76 for USA swimming registration when you register for the team.

Families with more than one swimmer in Boulder Swimming will receive a progressive discount for additional family members.  Example: 2nd member is 10%, 3rd member is 20%, 4th member 30%.  Discount on membership dues applies to swimmers in equal or lower training groups. 


White: $200
Red: $265
Purple: $275
Blue: $290
Pre Sectional: $310
Sectional: $335


Your account will be charged fees based on fees set by the hosting team. In addition a fee will be added based on the location of the meet:

  • $30 - Denver Metro Area
  • $50 - Mountain towns (i.e. Avon)
  • $75 - Western Slope (i.e. Grand Junction)
  • $200 - Out of State


Billing is on the 1st of the month, after this day no refund or credit will be given.   The only exception being injury accompanied by a doctor's note, subject to board approval.   

No partial credits/pro-rated billing will be given for any reason including, but not limited to, illness, family vacations, summer league participation, non-communication, leaving the Team, etc.