Jul 28, 2019

What an improvement from spring SC State.  Our merry little squad of 10 determined AG swimmers ended up with a New State Champion, 17 Top 10 Finishes and 50 Best Times!!

STATE CHAMP:  Silas worked his tail off this weekend and in the last event of the swim meet became our 2nd State Champ in 12 months!  His 10 & U 100FR (1:13.17) title was the finish to an amazing night of swims.

STATE TOP 10 FINISHES:  Mason - 50FR (3rd), 200FR (3rd), 400FR (3rd), 100FR (4th), 50BR (4th), 100BR (6th) & 50FL (8th); Lucy G - 200FR (4th), 100FR (7th) & 200IM (10th)......Lucy is still only 9!; Jack G - 100FL (6th), 50FL (7th) & 200FL (8th); Sophia - 200FR (7th), 100FR (8th), 50BK (9th) & 100BK (9th); Silas - 100FR (1st), 50FR (3rd), 200FR (4th) & 100BK (5th) and Calvin - 200BK (9th)

We also had Best Times from Charlotte (making 1st State Final in 100FR), Carter & Joseph!  There are too many great times to mention and I am very proud of the effort and support all of our athletes gave each define TEAMMATES!  Enjoy the August break and let's set our sights and goals even higher this fall:)