CAC Stingrays Swim Team primarily practices at our Inverness club (374 Inverness Pkwy, Englewood, CO 80112).  We may be expanding to the DTC & Monaco clubs in the near future.


Colorado Athletic Club is much more than a swimming pool. Club membership is required for the swimmer to be on the swim team, but affordable - giving parents & families a great way to work out while being able to see / be with your child.  Please contact the CAC Inverness membership department at 303-790-7777 or email  Mike Washington at [email protected] for details.  Family memberships and other discounts may be available.  

  1. CAC Club Registration (one-time - see membership department)
  2. CAC Club Membership (monthly - see membership department)
  3. Stingrays Swim Team Registration (annual $226 - covers: team registration & insurance $70 + LCM/Operations: $50 + Social Fee: $40 + Team Gear: $20 + USA Swimming membership: $46)
  4. Stingrays Swim Team Membership (monthly): 13 & Over $120/mo; 12 & Under $80 month

*Information good through February 29, 2020.

For step by step instructions on how to register to be CAC Stingrays Swim Team member, click here

To register, transfer, or renew for our swim team online now, click here.


Most current practice schedules & changes are updated via social media Google Profile or CalendarFaceBookInstagramTwitterYelpLinkedIn.

Session AMonday-Friday: 4-4:30PM dryland/stretch; 4:30-6PM swim; (6-6:30PM backup dryland/stretch);  Saturday: 9:30-10AM dryland/stretch; 10-12PM swim

Preference guide for Session A: has competed in a USA Swimming meet; can easily do all 4 strokes; can do proper stroke & flip turns; prior state qualifier; could easily swim a "500" free or "200 IM"; is familiar with different stroke 'drills'; can do racing and relay starts of the blocks; can swim 15 meters underwater in a streamline position just kicking.  

Session BMonday-Friday: 6-6:30PM dryland/stretch; 6:30-8PM swim;  Saturday: 9:30-10AM dryland/stretch; 10-12PM swim

Preference guide for Session B: less than 2 years of total swimming experience; no prior USA Swimming experience; unsure what a "pull buoy" is; cannot due a freestyle flip turn; cannot due all 4 strokes; cannot stay in the water more than 45 minutes; cannot swim more than 50 meters without stopping

*Please check our online calendars and social media for more up to date information & changes.