Mission Statement:
CMA empowers each swimmer's potential through focusing on coaching, technique and character in a safe and supportive environment.

Vision Statement:
CMA’s vision is to provide a fun and safe culture that assists in the technique based development of competitive swimmers, help influence constructive change within Colorado and USA Swimming, and being a model of excellence through our focus on proper technique.

Value Statement:
We value parents with integrity who are involved, supportive, and team-oriented. We value their display of good sportsmanship. We value their volunteerism and the honoring of their financial commitments to the team.

We value passionate coaches with integrity, a positive approach dedicated to technique-based swimming, and accomplishing our mission and vision. We value low injury rates, hosting quality meets, and attention to everyone in the program.

We value our athletes at all levels for their integrity, good sportsmanship, and peer encouragement. We value their teamwork and enthusiasm. We value personal growth and well rounded development such as that required for IMX and IM Ready. Lastly, we value our athletes having fun while they strive for personal excellence.

We value our board leadership for their integrity and their adherence to sound business practices. We value a strong board with a solid sense of community spirit. We value goal-setting and open communication. We value a positive, excellent coaching staff as part of our leadership team. Lastly, we value financial stability.