The Cheyenne Mountain Aquatics offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Cheyenne Mountain Aquatics to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

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CMA Practice Groups

CMA Age Group Program
CMA’s age group program encompasses a wide range of experience, commitment, and goals, for swimmers ages 6-13.  We have five different practice groups, in order to meet the needs of every swimmer. Our developmental groups serve as an introduction to the competitive swimming world, with the main emphasis being proper stroke technique and development. Our highest level groups are designed to meet the needs of those swimmers who have considerable experience and are ready to commit to pursuing excellence. 

Age Group Copper: This group is for the beginner swimmer, or swimmers new to CMA, that are usually age 8 and under. Emphasis is on developing proper stroke and dive technique.  

Age Group Bronze: This group is for the beginner swimmer, or swimmers new to CMA, that are usually ages 8 and over. Emphasis is on developing proper stroke and turn technique. Yardage may increase through the season to prepare swimmers for meets and to progress to the next group.

Age Group Silver:  This group is for somewhat experienced swimmers that are usually ages 8 and over. Emphasis is on continued development of proper stroke and turn technique. Silver swimmers have pretty good stroke and turn technique and will continue to learn how to race. Yardage will increase in practice and more challenging events will be swum in meets.

Age Group Gold:  This group is designed for experienced swimmers, ages 8-13, who have been swimming for at least a year.  Emphasis in this group is on stroke development, in combination with work on increasing speed and endurance.  This is a great group for experienced swimmers who are also involved in other sports and activities and desire flexibility with their practice attendance and meet participation.

Juniors:  The Junior Group is our elite group - designed to provide experienced, ambitious, and committed age group swimmers, ages 9-13, with the technical, physical, and emotional foundation necessary for a successful long-term swimming career.  Junior swimmers are expected to attend a minimum average of 4-5 practices per week and compete in most, if not all, of the meets on our schedule.

Our objectives are:
-To provide a foundation to accommodate dreams of competing at the highest levels.
-To provide opportunities to learn the values of hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.

-To promote physical fitness, nutrition, and good health habits.

CMA Senior Program
The Senior program is designed for swimmers who have goals of reaching their highest potential as students and as swimmers both in club and high school.  Specifically, the Senior group is for swimmers:
- striving to attend national level USA Swimming meets
- who want to swim in college
- who remain excellent students
- who are willing to put the work in to accomplish these goals

Senior Bronze
The Senior Bronze group will have 3 practices available each week. While there is no required number of practices for Senior Bronze swimmers, we encourage swimmers to attend as many as possible. This group will focus primarily on technique to help prepare swimmers for their upcoming high school seasons. 

Senior Silver
The Senior Silver group will have an average of 6 practices available each week, with swimmers encouraged to attend an average of 5 practices each week. While there is no required number of practices for Senior Silver swimmers, those that wish to move up to the Senior Gold group are encouraged to attend as many practices each week as possible.

Senior Gold
This group is aimed at those swimmers that are wanting to reach their highest potential in the pool. Depending on the part of the season, this group will have between 6 to 9 practices each week, with an expectation of swimmers attending a minimum of 80% of practices.

The Senior group provides an atmosphere where excellence is the expectation and hard work is the norm.