CMA Swimmers Excel At TOPS

Robert Jenkyns
Jan 28, 2019

CMA Swimmers Excel At The TOPS Open

Twelve CMA swimmers competed at the Denver University TOPS Open this past weekend and did amazing. Caroline Bricker won 8 events and Samantha Synsvoll won 4 events against some very good Denver swimmers! Congratulations to all who competed on an exciting weekend!

Hottest List (All But One Best Time)
Samantha Synsvoll (8/9)
Alex Terhakopian (1/1)

Hotter List (All But Two Best Times)
Isaac Eilmes (6/8)
Sophia Mezei (6/8)
Kytelyn Pieper (3/5)
Kayla Bentley (1/3)

Hot List (At Least Half Best Times)
Elam Estella (5/10)
Cardin Nguyen (4/7)
Bethany Slivka (5/8)
Jin White (5/8)

We had so much fun and enjoyed really great swimming at the TOPS Meet at Denver University last weekend!  For the first time ever, "magic" Wisconsin Swedish Fish made an appearance at CMA and boy did they work their magic!  Bethany Slivka lucked out receiving one of the two giant fish hidden in the bag and she and Caroline Bricker named him "Roberto"!  They began a tradition of saluting Roberto for good luck before races and he sure proved his worth!  Many of our swimmers ended up with "aquariums" of fish before they headed home!  Our three seniors participating in the meet did great!  Isaac Eilmes dropped time in 6 events, with 4 seconds dropped in his 200 breast and 5 in his 500 free, which was SO close to being a state cut!  Bethany dropped time in 5 events, including 3.5 seconds in her 200 fly and 1 second in 100 fly!  Caroline Bricker dropped 1.5 seconds in 200 fly and .67 seconds in 50 free!  Samantha Synsvoll had an awesome meet, swimming 8 new best times!  Her largest drops were 3+ seconds in 200 IM, 2.5 in 200 back, and 2 in 200 free!  Jin White had probably his best meet ever, with 5 new state cuts in a row!  He swam best times and new state cuts in 50 back, 50 free, 100 breast, 100 fly, and 100 IM!  I have never seem him so confident and bold in his racing - it was awesome!  Sophia Mezei was on fire, dropping large amounts of time in 6 events!  She dropped nearly 9 seconds in 200 free, almost 4 in 100 IM - which was a new state cut! - and more than 2 in 100 free!  Elam Estella swam 5 new best times, dropping 6 seconds in 200 fly, 4 in 200 breast, and 2 each in 100 fly and 200 IM - which was a new state cut!  Cardin Nguyen swam 4 best times, including a drop of over 3 seconds in his 200 breast!  Kytelyn Pieper swam 3 new best times, dropping almost 1.5 seconds in 50 breast and a half second in 50 back. This is great, considering she really loves the longer events much better!  Kayla Bentley swam a best time in her 50 free, with an especially awesome super fast charge at the finish!  Alex Terhakopian also swam a best time in his only event of the weekend - the 200 breast, where he dropped 5.5 seconds in his exciting side-by-side race to the finish with Elam!  Our lone AG Gold swimmer to qualify, Lizzie Platte enjoyed her first time ever swimming a qualifying meet and did a great job practicing racing her 50 breast, in which she is SO close to getting her first state cut!