CMA Swimmers Start The Season Off Hot

Robert Jenkyns
Oct 1, 2018

CMA Swimmers Start The Season Off Hot!

On Friday afternoon, our CMA swimmers competed in the 2018 CMA Fall Senior Season Starter.  The following swimmers are to be noted for their outstanding achievements! Congratulations swimmers!

Hottest List (All Best Times)
Monique Ardines
Kayla Bentley
Evan Branham
Forest Buck
Elam Estella
Hannah Flis
Alexis Haring
Kaelyn Hinesley
Skyler Korkowski
Connor Nelson
Cardin Nguyen
Kytelyn Pieper
Samantha Synsvall

Hotter List (All But One Best Times)
William Bentley
Michael Mehall
Amaya Porter
Bethany Slivka

Hot List (All But Two Best Times)
Ysa Carrell
Elyse Eilmes
Kambry Lightfoot
Mary Roalstad