Incredible Swims And Team Spirit At The CSST Meet

Robert Jenkyns
Oct 22, 2018

CMA Swimmers Were Incredible At The CSST Meet

This past weekend at Cheyenne Mountain Aquatic Center our CMA swimmers and parents were outstanding! Our parents group proudly displayed their CMA team spirit in team apparel while our great swimmers displayed outstanding team spirit by cheering for each other.  In the water, CMA swimmers continued to display their continuing progress!  Out of 331 swims, our CMA swimmers achieved 284 best times for an 86% improvement! Great job and congratulations to our entire team!  Your hard work, team spirit and positive energy were clearly on display!

Hottest List (All Best Times)
Fernando Ardines (6/6)
Kayla Bentley (8/8)
Dylan Bratty (3/3)
Aiden Carrell (4/4)
Sal Francis (3/3)
Avery Hill (8/8)
Ceirra Carter (5/5)
Mikayla Clarke (6/6)
Shaylee Cohen (4/4)
Elam Estella (9/9)
Skyler Korkowski (4/4)
Ryder Liberman (7/7)
Michael Mehall (8/8)
Axelle Mengin (3/3)
Madeline Mentz (3/3)
Emily Poe (5/5)
Riley Small (2/2)
Alex Terhakopian (7/7)
Luke Weber (2/2)
Jin White (8/8)

Hotter List (All but one best time)
Mikaela Allred (3/4)
Hannah Flis (7/8)
Zoe Harris (7/8)
Quinn Cohen (4/5)
Sofia Deacon Day (1/2)
Liam Hintz (2/3)
Sofia Mezei (7/8)
Mary Miles (1/2)
Connor Nelson (6/7)
Amaya Porter (7/8)
Christine Terhakopian (4/5)
David Terhakopian (6/7)
Michael Webb (5/6)
Parker Wright (3/4)

Hot List (At least 50% best times)
Monique Ardines (7/9)
William Bentley (6/8)
Cooper Britt (2/4)
Chloe Carrell (5/8)
Ysa Carrell (5/8)
Allie Harris (5/7)
Kaelyn Hinesley (5/8)
Eler Huang (4/7)
Cardin Nguyen (6/8)
Kytelyn Pieper (5/8)
Mary Roalstad (5/8)
Bethany Slivka (5/8)
Samantha Synsvoll (5/8)
Atticus Wei (6/8)
Beatrix Wei (3/5)
Cordelia Wei (4/6)

Top 6 High Point Finishers
Michael Webb (8-under boys) - 4th place
Quinn Cohen (8-under boys) - 5th place
Zoe Harris (9 year old girls) - 1st place
Sophia Mezei (10 year old girls) - 3rd place
Kayla Bentley (10 year old girls) - 4th place
Samantha Synsvall (11 year old girls) - 2nd place
Elam Estella (11 year old boys ) - 2nd place
Cardin Nguyen (12 year old boys) - 6th place
Caroline Bricker (13 year old girls) - 1st place
Amaya Porter (13 year old girls) - 3rd place
Michael Mehall (13 year old boys) - 2nd place
Kambry Lightfoot (14 year old girls) - 1st place
Bethany Slivka (14 year old girls) - 2nd place
Ysa Carrell (14 year old girls) - 3rd place
Sophia Bricker (15-Over girls) - 5th place

Group Notes:

Seniors: Just wanted to brag on on our seniors, who managed to rack up a combined 58 new personal best times over the course of the weekend. The high practice attendance is bearing fruit, so lets keep it going.

More photos: