CMA Mountain High Point Challenge A Huge Success In Many Ways

Robert Jenkyns
Nov 3, 2018

Our CMA Mountain High Point Challenge Was A Huge Success In Many Ways!

Our CMA Mountain High Point Challenge was very successful not only for our swimmers, but also Cheyenne Mountain High School and the Colorado Springs community. Our food drive in exchange for free heat sheets brought in quite a bit of food for the Harvest of Love event run by the Cheyenne Mountain High School student council. Our team score champion also donated to Care & Share the amount of $300 in the name of CMA, who claimed 1st place, to also go towards the Harvest of Love event! This will help to provide 2,400 meals for hungry children, Seniors and families in Colorado Springs!

"Thank you so so much for everything you collected! We could not believe how much food there was; it will go a long way in helping the community." Gayle Littleton CMHS Student Council Advisor

Besides these outstanding community contributions we also had some very fast swimming!  As CMA has been swimming so fast all season long, it is incredible to continue our hot swimming once again! Out of 427 entries, CMA swimmers accomplished 266 new best times which is a 62% improvement! This is awesome as our CMA swimmers continue their improvements meet after meet!

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered throughout the meet, donated food items to our hospitality/concessions and donated food items to our Harvest of Love food drive! Your generosity throughout the meet made for this event to be such a huge success! Thank you!

Hottest List (All Best Times)
Vanessa Beitle (2/2)
Dylan Bratty (8/8)
Elam Estella (10/10)
Liam Hintz (6/6)
Axelle Mengin (3/3)
Emily Poe (9/9)
Caroline Ray (3/3)
Liahna Redfern (5/5)
Ritoja Samanta (4/4)
Katelyn Strong (4/4)
Michael Webb (4/4)
Micah Zinn (3/3)


Hottter List (All But 1-2 Best Times)
Fernando Ardines (7/8)
Magdalena Arguello (7/8)
Ashley Bertsch (5/6)
Evan Branham (6/8)
Edward Buck (2/3)
Aiden Carrell (7/8)
Chloe Carrell (5/6)
Ysa Carrell (5/8)
Quinn Cohen (6/8)
Shaylee Cohen (7/8)
Hannah Flis (3/4)
Alexis Haring (3/4)
Allie Harris (5/7)
Skyler Korkowski (3/4)
Ryder Liberman (5/7)
Madeleine Mentz (4/5)
Mary Miles (3/4)
Elizabrth Platt (7/8)
Zach Steven (7/8)
Alex Terhakopian (7/8)
Luke Weber (1/2)
Atticus Wei (3/4)
Beatrix Wei (3/4)
Cordelia Wei (2/4)
Parker Wright (5/6)

Hot List (Over half of the swimes were best times)
Mikaela Allred (3/7)
Kayla Bentley (6/9)
William Bentley (3/6)
Ceirra Carter (3/6)
Isaac Eilmes (6/10)
Zoe Harris (6/10)
Avery Hill (4/8)
Kambry Lightfoot (5/9)
Sophia Mezei (5/9)
Cardin Nguyen (7/10)
Kytelyn Peiper (6/9)
Mary Roalstad (5/8)
Brad Starkey (5/9)
Jin White (6/9)

High Point Winners (Top 6 In Their Age Group)
4th - Quinn Cohen (8-Under Boys)
5th - Aiden Carrell (8-Under Boys)
6th - Ryder Liberman (8-Under Boys)
1st - Zoe Harris (9 year old Girls)
6th - Fernando Ardines (9 year old Boys)
1st (tie) - Kayla Bentley (10 year old Girls)
1st (tie) - Sophia Mezei (10 year old Girls)
3rd - Dylan Bratty (10 year old Boys)
3rd - Kytelyn Peiper (11 year old Girls)
6th - Samatha Synsvoll (11 year old Girls)
1st - Elam Estella (11 year old Boys)
3rd - Mikaela Allred (12 year old Girls)
4th - Alexis Haring (12 year old Girls)
2nd - Jin White (12 year old Boys)
1st - Bob Jenkyns (Really Senior Boys)


Final Team Scores

  1. 1  Cheyenne Mountain Aquatics (5,139) - A check will be made out for $400 to Harvest Of Love in the name of CMA! Congratulations!

  2. 2  Castle Rock Swim Team (3,836)
    3  Life Time Colorado Swim Team (2,701)
    4  Rocky Mountain Rapids Swim Team (1,963)
    5  Falfins Swimming (1,661)
    6  Pueblo Swim Club (1,447)
    7  VillaSport Colorado Springs (1,221)
    8  Colorado Springs Swim Team (1,012)
    9  Unattached Colorado (784)
    10  Full Armour Swim Team (754)
    11  Peak Swim Team (171)

Coaches Notes

Copper, Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver
What an exciting afternoon! 

We had 100% of swimmers get at least one new best time. Most had multiple best times for the meet. They had a total of 109 new best times.

Dylan Bratty, Emily Poe, Ritoja Samanta, Liam Hintz, Katelyn Strong, Michael Webb were all 100% best times for the meet. 

Ceirra Carter, Liam Hintz, Ryder Liberman, and Michael Webb all finished their Bronze all swim challenge. 

Fernando Ardines finished the Silver all swim challenge!

Liam Hintz was the Bronze swimmer who took off the most time with 38.58 seconds. Silver just destroyed things and took off a combined 473.93 seconds of time. It was hard to point out who did the best here because everyone did extremely well.

Here is the breakdown of time off:
Fernando- 48.00
Maggie- 38.00
Dylan- 84.40
Aiden- 40.46
Quinn- 118.81    
Allie- 27.54
Emily- 4.23   
Liahna- 12.68
Ritoja- 7.53
Zach- 26.25
Luke- 26.60

Emily Poe now has 4 USA Swimming B times. She has them in the 50 Back, 100 Back, 50 Breast, and 100 Breast. Not bad for someone who started in September. 

I challenged Silver to 80% best times or greater again, they finished with 85%. I also challenged them to only 3 DQ's for the meet, they only had 2. I have to do something special for them! Bronze was close with 72% best times and finished wth 5 DQ's. 

We had a total of 3 bags of ribbons for CMA. Out of that we have 13 for Bronze and 50 for Silver. 63 total ribbons!
Plus we had 12 swimmers who were in the top 10 for high point scoring. Whoo! Great meet!