8-Point Action Plan For Safe Swimming At CMA

CMA has created a 8-Point Action Plan for safe for a safe and positive environment.  We encourage all families to review.

At CMA we are proud of our track record as a safe and positive swim team for our kids and want to continue to be proactive in maintaining the trust of our families and swimmers.  We also want to maintain the proper checks to ensure continued excellence in this area.  Below is our CMA 7-Point Action Plan that goes above and beyond what is prescribed by USA Swimming:

1) CMA Parents are welcome at every event we participate in.  Some teams do not allow parents to observe practice, or participate in events at certain swim meets.  Not only are parents welcome to be at every practice, but they are welcome at Dryland, every meet, team meetings, or anything else our team does.  The only exception to this rule is practices at the Olympic Training Center where the facility does not allow parents on deck.  While we do ask that parents schedule meeting times before or after practice, if you need to talk to a coach, continuing to have families at all of our functions is something we feel is important.  

2) Not only are parents allowed at every CMA function, parents are to feel welcomed.  If a parent ever feels unwelcome, we ask that they let Coach Bob Jenkyns know.  If Coach Bob makes a parent feel unwelcome, we ask that Chris Synsvoll – our CMA Parent Board President be notified.  

3) We ask that parents always back a coach on our practices and training plans; however we encourage parents to talk to their kids about appropriate and inappropriate behavior from a coach in social settings.  

4) We encourage parents ask their kids to let them know if a coach ever says or does something that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.

5) CMA coaches are responsible to avoid being alone with swimmers.  While we understand there may be instances when a parent is late picking up a swimmer at the pool, or other emergencies where it is unavoidable; we ask that every instance of a coach being alone with a swimmer be reported by parents, swimmers, and coaches.  Sometimes this situation is unavoidable. In these rare instances, coaches have been told to stay on the phone with another adult or wait for the parent to pick their swimmer up in their car alone. If a parent or swimmer ever learns about a CMA coach being alone with a swimmer (and they aren't on their phone with another adult or waiting in their car alone) they are to report it to Head Coach Bob Jenkyns.  If Coach Bob is ever alone with a swimmer (and isn't on his phone with another adult or waiting in his car), parents and swimmers are responsible to inform our CMA Safety Chair - Tony Bricker or our CMA Parent Board President – Chris Synsvoll.  We ask that Coach Bob Jenkyns and/or Chris Synsvoll be informed of a coach being alone with a swimmer if any inappropriate action is believed to have happened. 

6) CMA coaches are not only responsible to uphold USA Swimming’s code-of-conduct, but also a CMA code-of-conduct including expectations to make parents feel welcome and avoid being alone with swimmers.

7) CMA, and USA Swimming, thoroughly checks the backgrounds of all staff not only prior to hiring but on an annual basis.

8) Any member of CMA observing safe sport violations or concerns should immediately notify Coach Bob and/or report to USA Swimming Safe Sport Staff (719) 866-4578, webpage Deal with a Safe Sport Concern, the U.S. Center for Safe Sport to make a report using the online reporting form or call (720) 524-5640, or find more information at www.uscenterforsafesport.org. More information can be found at the Deal With A Safe Sport Concern webpage.

Again, at CMA we are proud of our track record.  We want to be a model of excellence in every aspect of our team – but especially in the safe environment we provide for our kids.   As always, please don’t hesitate to provide feedback on this topic, or any other topic relating to CMA.

Coach Bob Jenkyns

We are very proud of our CMA program and would like to hear of any inappropriate actions immediately! Please follow the CMA Grievance Procedures link below to inform us immediately of anything needing to be reported.

CMA Grievance Procedures


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CMA Policies Related To Safe Sport
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Safe Sport MAAPP Policy

USA Swimming Member clubs have been directed andare required to implement the USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) in full by June 23, 2019. MAAPP contains five sections: one-on-one interactions, travel, social media and electronic communications, locker rooms and changing areas and massage, rubdowns and athletic training modalities.

To be complicit with the new regulations CMA will be implementing the following immediately:
1) CMA staff will not be responsible for athletes away from any practice or competition facility.
2) CMA staff will always run meetings with no less than three individuals on the pool deck, in the stands or a hotel lobby on travel trips.
3) CMA staff will stay until the final athlete is picked up. In the unusual event that a staff person ends up alone with an athlete, the staff person will wait in the car for any late pick ups and be on the phone with someone until the athlete is picked up. Parents are stongly encouraged to pick their children up immediately following all practices and meets. 
4) CMA staff will not give athletes massages of any kind.
5) CMA parents will be expected to use the bathrooms in the hallway at CMAC and spectator rest rooms at competitions while athletes use the locker room facilities.
6) CMA athletes who reach the age of 18 will be expected to complete the APT training through USA Swimming.

We strongly encourage all parents and gaurdians to please read the Policy and other education materials below.

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention - Full Policy


Letter to Membership