Thank you for your interested in the Colorado STARS Swim Team.
The Colorado STARS team is a place where dedicated swimmers…
  •      Can safely try new things
  •      Will build their bodies, minds and character through best effort practices
  •      Will be respected and valued as individuals
  •      Will find a unified family of like-minded people 
  •      Will have coaches they can look up to and be encouraged by
We accept a limited number of new swimmers each year with tryouts generally held in late July. Some years we are also able to accept a handful of additional swimmers at the beginning of the long course season [the beginning of March].

Most new swimmers joining the team have some previous experience with competitive swimming and are ready for a technique-based, year-round swimming environment. 

The ideal STARS swimmer has a love for swimming; welcomes, remembers and applies verbal instruction; interacts well with coaches and other swimmers; shows a good sense/feel for the water; and exhibits fitness, conditioning, discipline and drive.

Our Coaches

Our highly professional and experienced coaches [learn more about them here] apply stroke technique and training philosophy to each training group on a consistent basis allowing successful development and progression for each athlete. This approach creates a wonderful team atmosphere allowing STARS swimmers to mature and develop through our program.

Training Groups

We offer training groups for swimmers ranging in age from 6 through college.  Learn more about our training groups here.

Practice Pools

Colorado STARS primarily utilizes the pools at the Hills at Piney Creek, Grandview High School, and Smoky Hill High School during the short course season [fall, winter, spring] and Hills at Piney Creek, Grandview High School, and Lowry pools during the long course season [late spring and summer].  Because the team is dependent on the schedules of the pools we use, sometimes additional pools are utilized and practice schedules are available a month at a time. Click here to see maps to our practice pool locations.

Year-Round Swimming Schedule

Practice begins for the year in early to mid-September with the first meets generally beginning in early October. This part of the season [October through March] is called ‘Short Course’ where the athletes compete in 25 yard indoor pools. The second part of the year begins in April and is called ‘Long Course’ where the athletes compete in both indoor and outdoor 50 meter pools. 

Number of Practices per Week

The number of required practices per week varies by training group. Generally speaking, this is what you can expect:
     Ages 6-9 Starfish Group 2-3 practices per week 
     Ages 9-11 Red or White Groups 3-4 practices per week
     Ages 11-13 Black or White Groups 4-5 practices per week
     Ages 13-15 Silver Group 5-7 practices per week
     Ages 15+ Senior or High Performance Groups 6-9 practices per week

Swim Meets

All team members are expected to attend as many meets as possible. Generally there are 1-2 meets per month during the year. Most meets are Saturdays and Sundays with distance events on Friday evenings.  Each meet session is capped at 4 hours plus a warm-up. Meets are local [Colorado Springs to Fort Collins] with the exception of two optional team travel trips [one during the short course season and one during the long course season]. Some high level swimmers may also participate in Zones, Far Westerns and on Colorado All Star teams.

Financial Investment

STARS team members will pay an annual family membership fee, monthly membership dues and fees associated with swim meets.

Volunteer Investment

Parent volunteers are a vital part of how we ensure swim meets, both team-hosted and those we attend, are well-staffed for the benefit of our athletes.  Therefore all STARS members are required to volunteer at all team-hosted and at other meets as we are needed.

Tryouts for the 2021-2022 season have completed.
For more information about joining the Colorado STARS Swim Team, please contact our Head Coach and New Swimmer Coordinator, Coach Todd Schmitz at starst[email protected].