Denver Stingrays





About The Denver Stingrays

The Denver Stingrays provides individual goal setting, structured workouts and competitive meets.  Our coaching staff will challenge each swimmer to reach his or her full potential and try his or her best. Our swimmers learn the value of goal setting, self discipline and enhanced self esteem through achievement.

We are one of 12 teams in Colorado that are Safe Sport Recognized February 2020 to February 2022.

We are currently a USA Swimming Recognized Level 1 Club.

Denver Stingrays Vision

Developing champions in the water and in life.

Mission Statement

Denver Stingrays is a swim program committed to developing, educating and empowering our youth in the quest for leadership and achievement in life, through the sport and activity of swimming.  The Denver Stingrays are committed to providing a safe environment for all participants.  To accomplish this we have policies and guidelines in place.  We are currently in the process of submitting for Safe Sport Recognition for the second time, which requires training for athletes, coaches and parents.  

Our Values

The Denver Stingrays allows kids the opportunity to swim, workout and compete in swimming.  Swimmers participate with a team of other swimmers of similar age and skill.  Each swimmer is encouraged to support each other and nurture a mutually supportive environment.  A fun atmosphere is maintained for all teammates.

The Denver Stingrays believe that participating in competitive swimming is a life-skills experience.   At its core, swimming allows each individual the opportunity to commit, train and prepare, and pursue the advancement of his or her individual goals.

Team Highlights

August 2011 – A group of parents met and decided to create a year round USA program to serve North East Denver

October 2011 – The Denver Stingrays began it’s inaugural season

March 2012 – Competed in Silver State

February 2013 – 3 Athletes score in the Top 16 at ACES High Point

March 2013 – 3 Athletes competed at Silver State

March 2014 - 2 Athletes compete at State Meet

March 2015 - 5 Athletes compete in individual Events and Relays competed for the first time

March 2015 - Denver Stingrays score points at the State Meet

April 2015 - Denver Stingrays granted Level 1 Status with USA Swimming Club Recognition

March 2016 - Denver Stingrays scored 2 points in the 14 and Under Championships

November 2016 - Denver Stingrays compete out of Colorado for the 1st time

March 2017 - Denver Stingrays scored 12 points for 41st Place in the 14 and Under State Meet.

April 2017 - 2 Swimmers compete in the West Coast Showcase at ASU.

February 2018 - Most successful 14 and Under State Meet in program history.  Several Top 10 Finishes.  Several Top 20 finishes.  Scored 10 times more points than any other 14 and Under State Meet.  

February 2019-Placed 22nd in the 14 and Under State Championships scoring 164.5 points.  Several Top 10 finishes.  Several Top 20 finishes.  

February 2020-Placed in the Top 20 in Team Scoring. 19th Placescoring 387.5 points.  Highest ever as a Team.