Mission, Values, Vision


Denver Swim Academy is committed to creating and fostering a supportive environment in which each individual will strive to reach their physical and intellectual potential, both in and out of the water.  To do this, DSA shall:

  • Create a swimming community
  • Provide swimmers with dynamic professional coaching
  • Create an atmosphere of open communication
  • Challenge athletes as they advance toward a national level
  • Value each individual's contribution to the team
  • Develop and reinforce valuable life skills
  • Maintain a positive learning environment with mutual respect
  • Dare to Dream


  • Passion to teach and excel
  • Teamwork with outstanding sportsmanship
  • Consistent effort over time
  • Supportive, constructive communication
  • Commitment


Denver Swim Academy will be recognized as a leader and role model for competitive swimming by creating partnerships between coaches, athletes, families, schools, and the community.