Our Members
As we begin our thirteenth season, a heartfelt thank you must go out to all of our swimmers and parents for their encouragement and dedication. Their endless commitment is directly responsible for our past accomplishments as well as our continued success. With our members undying support, we are consistently inspired to work harder to remain a leader in the swimming community. Our families are the best!
Our Coaches
Our coaching staff has a vast wealth of experience, all holding a true passion for the sport and a complete devotion to the entire Denver Swim Academy family.  Collectively, they believe it's essential for our swimmers to show progress in the water, but most importantly, grow as individuals outside the pool.  While our coaches encourage swimmers to be leaders, they understand the importance of leading the way themselves, being role models on deck and outside the pool.
Our Committment
  • Providing swimmers with dynamic professional coaching.                     
  • Creating an atmosphere of open communication and mutual respect.
  • Challenging athletes through each training group.                                
  • Valuing each individual's contribution to the team.
  • Developing and reinforcing valuable life skills.
  • Maintaining a positive learning environment.
  • Acting like a champion at all times, setting the example.
Our Pool
One Team, One Pool.....which means we won't be the biggest team, which is not our goal, but rather we prefer to offer a cohesive TEAM environment!
We are pleased to have the support of Regis Jesuit High School, our gracious host from the beginning in 2009.  We are thrilled to announce we have a new home, sort of.....same pool, but Regis recently finished a brand new structure covering the pool.  It's amazing, spacious, and provides new energy.  Along with training at the Regis pool, we use the Lowry and Congress Park pools during the summer for long course training.

Our Accomplishments
Although DSA is still a relatively new club, established in 2009, our Senior and Age Group swimmers have provided some outstanding and memorable moments; from one of our alums winning a gold medal in the Olympics to our Age Group swimmers shining at the Colorado State Championships.
  • Olympian and Colorado Hall of Famer
    • Clark Smith - 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist
    • Clark Smith - 2020 Colorado Swimming Hall Fame Inductee
  • Age Group Champions
    • 2022 Colorado Short Course Age Group Champions
    • 2020 Colorado Short Course Age Group, Second Place
    • 2014 Colorado Short Course Age Group Champions
    • 2012 Colorado Short Course Age Group Champions
  • Nationally Ranked Swimmers
    • ​Seniors and Age Groupers ranked top twenty in the nation
    • Eight swimmers in the nation's top 20 in 2021
  • Athletes Continuing Their Educational and Athletic Endeavors in College
    • ​Our Senior Coaches are most proud of this accomplishment
    • Always visiting and swimming with us during the Summer
  • Age Group Program ranked 18th in the nation (2021)
    • ​Number one in Colorado
    • Up from 92nd in 2020
  • Colorado All Star and Western Zone Swimmers
    • Most swimmers on the Colorado 2021 Western Zone Age Group team
  • Acting Like a Champion
    • ​All of our swimmers, in and out of the water
We look forward to many more great moments and acheivements in the years to come, both in and out of the water!
  • The concept of "TEAM" is exceptionally important to our coaches, swimmers, and parents.  Swimming is often miscategorized, at least to us, as an individual sport.  Granted, most events performed during competition are done individually, however, swimmers spend most of their time training with their teammates or interacting with them during swim meets.
  • There is nothing like a teammate's encouragement during a tough practice, cheers during a swim meet, or being there following an event.
  • Each individual on our team can help another swimmer through words of encouragement, listening, and/or leading by example. 
  • No matter if you are going first in the lane or last, every person is important and makes a difference to the success of that lane, group, and team.
  • "Each member of a team has a responsibility to be better today than they were yesterday, as an athlete, and as a person.  That's how teams get better."(What Does it Mean to be Part of a Team? by John Leonard).  If we might add, that's how individuals also get better.