DSA College Swimmers

DSA Swimmer
JP Beach
Arizona University
Ann Ochtwa
Arizona University
Abbey Cutler
Butler University
Elizabeth Wiley
Cal Poly (Water Polo)
Ben Fortuin
College of Idaho
Tasha Pfieffer
Colorado School of Mines
Ethan Pfieffer
Colorado School of Mines
Jennae Frederick
Colorado State University
Annie Graves
Depauw University
Luke Suchomel Duke University
Tori Vale John Carroll University
Lindsay Kriz John Hopkins University
Amanda Marsh Lawrence University
Alexis DeBever Loyala Marymount
Will Pieseski Miami University (Ohio)
Hennessy Stuart North Carolina State
Quinlan Stuart North Carolina State
Hilary Thomas Northwestern University
Teddy Koerner Pamona College
Erin Hayes
Pepperdine University
Alex Todd
Purdue University
Garrett Sutter
Seattle University
Emily Protz
Seattle University
Margaux Thompson
Seattle University
Zach Sutter
Seton Hall University
Grayson Magruder
Southern Methodist University
Sam Smith
Southern Methodist University
Brooke Stenstrom
Stanford University
Jeremy Goodison
St. Louis University
Meg Chase
Trinity University
Ben Fry United States Naval Academy
Alec Scott University of Alabama
Chris Dawson University of Iowa
Amy Lenderink University of Iowa
Lindsay Painton University of Missouri
Bruce Nerheim University of North Dakota
Ella Moynihan University of Norte Dame
Kassidy Cook University of Puget Sound
Fischer Basham University of Santa Barbara
Tommy McCabe University of Tampa
Clark Smith
University of Texas
Nathan Mueller
University of Wisconsin
Taylor Wilson
Villanova University
Ander Thompson
United States Military Academy (West Point)
Addy Coen
Wheaton College
Makenna Sandeno
Wheaton College
Erik Biernat
Xavier University
College Swimming
We are proud of how many of our former swimmers have continued swimming (or another sport) in college.  Our coaches are committed to helping our Senior swimmers with their pursuit of continuing their athletic endeavors.
Below are some articles and documents to guide athetes through the process of finding the right school for them.....
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