Team Conduct
  • Members and coaches are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and suitable manner at all times, giving the proper respect to others and property.
  • We are guests of Regis Jesuit High School.  We need to abide by their policies/rules, be respectful of their property, and always be polite to the staff and student body.
  • When attending a swim meet, show the guest host appreciation and respect, supporting their policies and facility's rules.
  • Be a supportive teammate and competitor, appreciating your teammate's/competitor's achievements, and understanding their disappointments.
Act Like a Champion
  • We don't overreact to winning or losing......don't come off as bragging (act like you've been there before) or being a poor sport.
  • We want our swimmers to celebrate their accomplishments, but be situationally aware.....think about the feelings of the other athletes.
  • Disappointment will happen.....we don't always swim a best time.  It's okay to be disappointed, but a dramatic, uncontrollable reaction is unacceptable.  Go to a quiet area, groggle (to be explained when joining), or jump into the warm up and down lane and swim it off.
  • Win or lose, we take it back to practice and work harder.​​​
Safe Sport
Our Team Code of Conducts are to establish consistent expectations in regards to individual and team behavior, allowing us to have a safer environment with mutual respect for each other.
Please view all of our Safe Sport documents on our Safe Sport page.