Week of 
August 2
Monday, August 3
  • Dryland Zoom Meeting
  • 5:00pm

Tuesday, August 4

  • White and Blue Group Meeting
  • Technique Talk
  • 5:00pm

Wednesday, August 5

  • Dryland Zoom Meeting
  • 5:00pm

Thursday, August 6

  • Team - Parent Zoom Meeting
  • 5:00pm
  • For the link, please go to Coach Nick's Weekly Update

Friday, Augsut 7

  • Dryland Zoom Meeting
  • 5:00pm
White and Blue Group Meetings
Gal Pals together again
after three months
"Lighten up people.....I know it's a 50.  I'm just taking a break"



White and Blue Newsletter
White Group
We welcome our Dolphins to the White Group! We can't thank you enough for your patience, and are so excited to see you again.
With the new additions this week, we will be having a few more swimmers attending practice, so here are a few reminders…..
  • Please social distance.
  • When arriving, wear your mask and stand by an orange cone to get your temperature taken.
  • As we enter......place all of your belongings along the back wall about 6 feet apart from each other.
  • Don’t lollygag, bring your fins with you (we will be using them a lot this week), and stand behind an orange cone behind the blocks.
  • When practice is over.....put your mask on right away, get your stuff quickly, and have a great rest of the day.
To be honest, our other groups could learn from the White Groupers.....you all rock following the rules.
  • Please bring all of your equipment with you.....place behind the blocks (next to your cone), including your water bottle.
  • I still have two tempo trainers.....Blue Groupers check your swim bags.
  • We'd like to give a big shout out to our good friend Elliana Wiesen.  Under normal conditions, this week she would be preparing for the Western Zone Age Group Championships (a nice reward following a long season).  However, with everything that has happened, the meet was canceled.
  • Instead of pouting about it, she has stayed positive, brings a smile to every practice, is working harder than ever, and is leading the way for this season’s Blue Groupers.
  • From the DSA Coaching Staff…..congratulations Ellie!  We are very proud!  Folks, she qualified for this meet as a nine year old.  
As I always say, disappointment comes with being an athlete, but what truly matters is how you handle the negative.  With good old fashioned hard work, there are bigger and better things to come.
An Old Friend
  • The White and Blue Group swimmers would also like to congratulate Teagan Steinmetz for qualifying for this year's Olympic Trials.  As we all know, this meet was also canceled.  
  • Isn't it funny how Teagan always seems to find her way in our Newsletter.....she hasn't been in the Blue Group for at least 5 years.  Maybe it’s because she is always there to support our younger kids.
On a Personal Note….
  • I want to thank Coach Brenna and Coach Kelse…..they are absolutely the best!  Both have rewarding careers outside of coaching, but they continually show up to practice with a great attitude….DSA and the White/Blue Group kids are the most important and only thing that matters.  
  • They are there for every dry land and technique talk Zoom meeting.  They are always there to greet you at the CCV entrance….thank goodness, because I’m definitely not the coach you want to see right away in the morning.  I can’t count how many times they have put their other job on hold to join us.  They truly care about your swimmer!
  • Lastly, they are always there to support me.  I think I have proven that I am not as agile or as quick as I used to be, physically, and as the kids would tell you......mentally, but Coach Brenna and Coach Kelse are always there to cover for me.
  • So, Coach Brenna and Coach Kelse…..a big thank you from Coach Chris and all of the White and Blue Group swimmers!!
Zoom Meetings
Group Meeting (Technique Talk) - Tuesday 5pm
  • Since we have turned this meeting into a discussion on technique, we have seen a big improvement in our drill swimming……sets the tone for the entire week.
  • This week we will be talking about body flow.....how to do it, why it's important to do it correctly, and how it helps you with butterfly and breaststroke.
  • Hint....be ready to do lot's of body flow this week.
Dryland - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5pm
  • We will continue holding our Zoom dryland sessions throughout the Summer, and most likely, during our Short Course Season.  These meetings are big part of why we are swimming so well. 
  • As always, we want everyone to join us.  However, we understand that not all of you can make the 5pm time, so we are posting our dryland workouts on the website (DSA Members).
DSA Tryouts
  • We had our 8 & Under Tryouts this past Saturday.....as always, they are the most fun and entertaining. 
  • 9-10s will be on Saturday, August 8 
    • 7:15 to 8:00am
    • 8:15 to 9:00am
    • 9:15 to 10:00am
      • No more than 8 swimmers per session
  • ​​ Blue Groupers will still have practice, but we won't be opening the 7am practice to our White Groupers.  I might ask the Blue Groupers help demonstrate drills (this is a reward).
Practice Sign Up
  • Please make sure you are signing up for practices and not just showing up.  It's typically not a big deal because we are in "Summer vacation season" and usually have the room.  However, if by chance we have hit our swimmer limit, you will be going home.  Also, it helps us with planning our practices and lane assignments.
  • For those new White Group swimmers that will be joining us in August....
    • ​Sign in to your account, DSA website
    • Go to the events page.
      • ​In the side menu, left on our website, click Event & Competion > Team Events.
      • Or, go to the bottom of our homepage to find Events.
    • Next to the Cherry Creek Vista practice page, click the Job Signup button.
    • Next, find your group's practice time that you want to sign up for, check an open box.
    • Click the Signup button.
    • In the Optional Contact Info field, please put your swimmer's name
    • Click Sign Up to finish.
DSA Intrasquad Meet
  • Date - Mid September
  • DSA is working on running a USA Sanctioned Intrasquad meet at the Regis Jesuit pool.
  • Info will be posted/emailed out as soon as it is finalized.
CCV Practice Times
Silver 7:00-8:20am
Senior 5:00-6:50am
Senior 7:00-8:50am
Senior 5:00-6:50am
Blue 7:00-8:20am
Blue 7:00-8:25am
Black 8:30-10:00am
Silver 7:00-8:10am
Blue 9:00-10:00am
Silver 7:00-8:10
Blue 8:30-9:50am
Blue 8:35-10:00am
White 10:10-11:00am
Black 8:20-9:50am
White 10:10-11:00am
Black 8:20-9:50
White 10:00-11:00am
Blue 10:00-11:00am
Blue 10:00-11:00am
This will be our schedule throughout the summer until school begins (tentative for August 17).
White Groupers/Dolphins (3 practices per week).  Even though we only have 23 swimmers in the White Group/Dolphins, we would still like everyone to sign up so we know who and how many to expect.
Blue Groupers (4 practices per week).  As mentioned in an earlier email, we have bumped our Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday time slots up to 32 (4 per lane).  Hopefully, this will make sign up a little easier.  
  • Ideally, swimmers should sign up for 2 one hour practices and 2 one hour and twenty minute practices (one Friday and one Saturday).
  • However, if needed, swimmers may sign up for 3 one hour practices and 1 one hour and twenty minute practices.
  • Please do not sign up for more than 4 practices.....give everyone a chance.  A swimmer may sign up for additional practices (more than their groups allotted practices) after 8pm the night before the practice if there are slots open.  Unlike the Seniors, swimmers do not need our approval for an extra practice sign up.
Of note concerning an extra practice.....we are not big believers in 12 & Unders swimming 2 hours and 50 minutes straight.  This would not be a true "two a day" (morning and afternoon practice). There may be a little short term gain, however, we are more concerned with long-term health.....lots of swimming on those shoulders, arms, legs, etc.  However, we do understand that this summer is not normal, and we want swimmers to have an opportunity to practice.  So we don't mind the occasional back to back practice (only one a week).  We will keep a careful eye on those swimmers to make sure they aren't getting too tired and are able to maintain their technique throughout (again, staying healthy is our concern).  There may be a Friday or Saturday where we don't want kids to do a back to back, depending on the stress level of the planned workout (we will let everyone know beforehand).  Also, both practices will be the same workout.