Silver Group        



  • Silver Group swimmers will continue to sharpen their technical skills with all four strokes to improve stroke efficiency, with an increased emphasis on the swimmer's fitness level (aerobic development)
  • Swimmers will be challenged with several new expectations, including increased yardage, set length, attendance requirements, and swimmer/coach communication
  • Out of water exercises play a more important role; goal setting, dry land, and mental preparation
  • Swimmers will also be asked to take more responsibility in their training, understanding the correlation between working hard during practice (practicing the right way) and their short and long term successes.

General Age

  • 11 to 13

Skill Requirements

  • Swimmers must be legal in all four competitive strokes for 100 yards
  • Swimmers must demonstrate exceptional practice habits/skills, putting thought into their technical and aerobic training
  • Athletes should display leadership qualities and sportsmanship within their lane, as well as within the group
  • Swimmers must be able to maintain the group's base intervals of 1:30/100 yard freestyle and 1:40/100 yard IM


  • Practice is offered six times per week for two hours; Monday through Saturday. 5 times per week during the Summer.
  • Four to five practices per week is recommended.  This ensures that all athletes are training at the same technical and fitness level
  • We are currently using our Fall Practice Schedule
5:30 - 5:45pm
Dry Land
5:45 - 7:45pm
5:15 - 7:15pm
8:00 - 10:00am
  • Please see our Practice Schedule for the other seasons. Our practice schedule varies slightly throughout the seasons due to the high school schedule

Practice Equipment

  • Swimmers are required to have fins, snorkel, and pull buoy
  • We recommend two pairs of goggles, nose clip, and a water bottle

Swim Meets

  • Swimmers should attend all team meets and Championship meets
  • Athletes should challenge themselves with more distance events; 500 freestyle, 400 IM, and 200s of each stroke


  • $150 per month
  • $74 USA Swimming annual membership