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Denver Swim Academy

Denver Swim Academy is committed to creating and fostering a supportive environment in which each individual will strive to reach their physical and intellectual potential, both in and out of the water.  To do this, DSA shall.....

  • Create a swimming community
  • Support swimmers with dynamic professional coaching and innovative technical support
  • Commit to an atmosphere of open communication
  • Challenge athletes as they advance toward a national level
  • Promote TEAM, valuing each individual's contribution
  • Develop and reinforce valuable life skills
  • Maintain a positive learning environment with mutual respect
  • Provide a setting where short-term accomplishments are important, but long-term development and success are the ultimate goal


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Feb 12, 2019

Blue & Silver Group Practice Schedule for February 18-23

Our practice schedule gets a little hectic over the next few weeks with the State and Silver State swim meets.  Hopefully, the information below...

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Feb 2, 2019

Championship Season

Let's get excited for the Short Course Championship Season......this is our month! CSI Senior Meet February 15-17 Entries are closed 14 & Under Short...

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