Welcome to DSA
Welcome to Denver Swim Academy (DSA).  We appreciate and thank you for your interest in our swim team.  We encourage interested families to  visit our entire website.  If our objectives and ambitions match yours, please contact us.   We always welcome an opportunity to have a positive impact on a young athlete.
Denver Swim Academy
DSA is a competitive USA sanctioned swim team, instructing age group swimmers (6-13 year olds) to national level seniors (high school and above).  We are a year round club with two seperate seasons; short course from September to March (25 yard competitive pools) and long course from March to August (50 meter competitive pools).  Our coaching staff, along with our members, have created and maintained a comfortable, supportive TEAM atmosphere where every swimmer is valuable to our swimming family.  With the support of our families and a lot of hard work from our swimmers, in a short time frame (10 years), we have built a strong foundation in the swimming community, success locally and nationally.
Our traditional period for accepting new swimmers is the end of July when we hold our Annual Tryouts (dates and times will be posted soon).  Age group swimmers (6 to 13) will tryout with swimmers of their own age in a stroke clinic type format.  Senior swimmers will meet with our coaches and do a tryout if needed, dependent upon previous experience.   We occasionally accept new swimmers during the year if we have space available. 
With years of experience, our professional, well trained coaching staff is dedicated to teaching and motivating every swimmer to give their optimal effort, in and out of the water.  Our coaches understand the importance of not only building a strong swimming/athletic foundation, but also leading the way in supporting valuable life skills.  We will provide support throughout a swimmer's progression, including guidance to our Seniors who have aspirations to compete in college.
Training Groups
Our training groups ( age group and senior programs) are designed to be a developmental ladder, encouraging short-term growth, but ultimately, promoting long-term success.  We are vested in providing a dynamic learning environment, challenging swimmers with innovative technical support throughout their journey with us.


  • The concept of "TEAM" is exceptionally important to our coaches, swimmers, and parents.  Swimming is often miscategorized, at least to us, as an individual sport.  Granted, most events performed during competition are done individually, however, swimmers spend most of their time training with their teammates or interacting with them during swim meets.
  • There is nothing like a teammate(s) encouraging you through a tough practice, cheering you on during a swim meet, or being there for you following your event.
  • Each individual on our team can help another swimmer through words of encouragement, listening, and/or leading by example. 

  • No matter if you are going first in the lane or last, every person is important and makes a difference to the success of that lane, group, and team.

  • "Each member of a team has a responsibility to be better today than they were yesterday, as an athlete, and as a person.  That's how teams get better." (What Does it Mean to be Part of a Team? by John Leonard).  If we might add, that's how individuals also get better.