Senior Tryouts
Annual Tryouts
  • We encourage swimmers to contact us following the long course season, end of July, to schedule an appointment.
  • Please provide previous swim team experience, including best times in your email.
  • Swimmers will meet with our Senior Coaches to determine if an in water tryout is needed (depending on past experience). 
Individual Tryouts
  • Depending upon our training group numbers, we will accept new swimmer requests throughout the year.
  • Please provide any swim team experience and/or best times in email.
  • Depending upon experience, a coach/swimmer meeting will be our first step.
  • Swimmers are welcome to observe a practice. 
Tryout Information

To schedule a meeting or for Senior Group information, please contact Coach Nick.

Meeting/Tryout Evaluations
  • At this point in the process, previous swim team experience and times are an important factor.
  • We also look for enthusiasm, potential, and willingness to learn new technique and conditioning methods.