• The concept of "TEAM" is exceptionally important to our coaches, swimmers, and parents.  Swimming is often miscategorized, at least to us, as an individual sport.  Granted, most events performed during competition are done individually, however, swimmers spend most of their time training with their teammates or interacting with them during swim meets.
  • There is nothing like a teammate's encouragement during a tough practice, cheering you on during a swim meet, or being there for you following a tough practice or your meet event.
  • Each individual on our team can help another teammate through words of encouragement, listening, and/or leading by example. 
  • No matter if you are going first in the lane or last, every swimmer is important and makes a difference to the success of that lane, group, and team.
  • "Each member of a team has a responsibility to be better today than they were yesterday, as an athlete, and as a person.  That's how teams get better."(What Does it Mean to be Part of a Team? by John Leonard).  If we might add, that's how individuals also get better.