Age Group Tryouts
Annual Tryouts
  • Swimmers, 6 to 13 years old, should be prepared to tryout in a stroke clinic/practice type atmosphere with extensive instruction from our coaches.  This format provides us with the best information on a swimmer's ability, allows us to interact with each individual swimmer more closely, and most importantly, shows the importance we place on the fundamentals.  
  • Participants will be asked to perform technique drills (demonstrated by a coach/swimmer) and swim all four competitive strokes (swimmers must be legal in all four strokes).
  • Swimmers and parents will be notified by email of our decision within the tryout week.  This is a tryout, unfortunately, not everyone makes the team.
  • 8 & Under tryout swimmers who aren't quite ready for our White Group might consider our Dolphins Group.  
Individual Tryouts
  • Occassionally, we are able to add new members during the season, depending upon our training group numbers.
  • Please provide any swim team experience and/or relevant times in your email.
  • We recommend swimmers observe one of our practices before we schedule a tryout.
  • Most of our tryouts will be done individually, however, periodically we will have the tryout swimmer practice with the appropriate training group (depending upon the swimmer's experience).
  • Following the tryout, we will meet with the swimmer/parents to discuss team information.
Tryout  Information
Annual Age Group Tryouts
  • We would like to give a big shout out to all of those swimmers who participated in our Annual Age Group Tryouts this year! 
  • It was our pleasure meeting everyone.  We especially enjoyed working with all of the were terrific!
  • We look forward to next year's tryouts in late July or early August of 2021.
  • For more information concerning our Annual Age Group Tryouts or general team questions, please contact   [email protected].
  • As always, we look forward to a fun and educational tryout.
Individual Age Group Tryouts
Please find our Tryout Evaluations and Age Group Placement guidelines below.
Thank you again for your interest in Denver Swim Academy!

Age Group Placement
Our goal when placing a swimmer is to give every athlete the best opportunity to learn, improve, and grow with our team.  The group should be challenging enough to help elevate each athlete to reach their potential, without being overwhelming.  Most importantly, we want to place swimmers in a group that will support their short-term ambitions while also encouraging long-term growth.
Before athletes are placed into a group, swimmers and parents should become familiar with the group's requirements and expectations  such as attendance, meet participation, equipment needs, and training goals.  Swimmers need to be properly prepared for the new responsibilities.
Tryout Evaluations:   
Our coaches will be evaluating and considering a number of qualities during the tryout, including....
  • Technical ability
  • Fitness capacity
  • Potential
  • Enthusiasm
  • Willingness to learn new technical procedures.
  • Previous swim team experience.
  • Best times, if available.
  • Age, but most importantly, maturity.