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        Swim Meet Protocol        

Preparing For a Swim Meet

  • Parents/swimmers should bring blankets, parkas, towels, sleeping bags, and camp chairs.  Keep your swimmer warm and comfortable.  Some facilities do not allow camp chairs.

  • It's important that swimmers stay energized and hydrated before, during, and after the meet.  Bring healthy snacks, sports drinks, and water.

  • Swimmers should make sure they have their swimsuit(s), at least 2 pair of goggles, swim cap(s), towel, and water bottle.

  • MI Sports will be present at most of the swim meets we attend.  In case of an emergency, they sell swimming related items; swimsuits, goggles, team wear, etc.

  • We recommend that swimmers and parents arrive early as swim meets are frequently crowded and seating is sometimes scarce.

  • Please remember, swimmers need to be on deck, cap and goggles at the ready,   at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled warm up time.

  • For more information on what pools will allow you to bring and directions, please go to Competion Pools.

Getting Ready Before Warm Up

  • Parents should immediately purchase a meet program (heat sheets) from concessions.  Find your swimmer's events and write the information on the back of their han with a sharpie - event #, heat, and lane.

  • Please be aware that some events will require a positive check in, typically for longer distance events such as the 400/500 freestyle, 1500/1650 freestyle, and 400 IM.  Some meets will require positive check in for 200 events.

  • The meet host will have a positive check in table set up at the beginning of the meet.  Swimmers are responsible for signing/checking themselves in; coaches will help swimmers if needed.

Warm Up

  • All swimmers are required to warm up with the team, unless excused by a coach.

  • Swimmers continually arriving late to warm up are a distraction to the entire team and may be scratched from relays.  We understand that unforeseen things come up; if you are running late, please email your group coach.

  • Please understand that warming up is an important piece to a successful swim meet.

  • Following the initial warm up, swimmers should warm up before each event and warm down following each event if a warm up pool/lane is available.  Coaches will speak with their swimmers during practice about warming up and down procedures and expectations.

Before and After Events

  • Swimmers need to talk with a coach before and after each of their events.  Swimmers need to plan accordingly so they get behind the blocks in plenty of time for their event.  Swimmers should warm down first following their race and then speak with a coach.

  • Our pre-race talk with swimmers is brief and simple; quick motivation and race strategy.  We keep it simple as to not overwhelm swimmers with too much information.  Also, our swimmers should be race prepared through their training at practice.

  • The post race discussion is equally important, consisting of constructive feedback, some technique advice, and split information.  We want our swimmers to be aware of their splits to help them plan for the next time they swim that event.


  • If a swimmer is behind the blocks and misses an event, please allow a coach to deal with the situation. Our coaches are aware of the problem and can immediately speak with an official, occasionally getting the swimmer into a subsequent heat (not during championship meets).

  • Swimmers missing an event because they weren't ready will learn from their mistake and be better prepared next time.

  • No pulling out of an event to save yourself for another race.  Swimmers need to swim what they signed up for.  If a swimmer is not feeling well, they need to speak with a coach before their next event.

  • Swimmers qualifying for finals during a prelims/finals format are expected to swim in the evening, unless excused by a coach.

Parents On Deck

  • Parents are not allowed on deck, per a USA Swimming rule, unless volunteering, timing, or officiating.

  • There are some pools where parents have to sit on deck because there isn't a bleacher area.  In these instances, we ask that parents cheer on their swimmer without pacing up and down the sidelines.

  • Swimmers are responsible for getting themselves behind the blocks, without a parent.  We want our 8 & Under swimmers to begin showing some independence and self-reliance also.  Coaches will be more than willing to help if younger swimmers need assistance.

  • Parents should never dispute a call or interfere with an official, on or off the pool deck.  Coaches will handle any issue or discrepancy that may come up; disqualifications, incorrect results, or swimmers missing an event.

  • Parents do not need to be present for a swimmer's pre-race or post race discussion with their coach; this is swimmer/coach time.  Allow swimmers to interact with their coaches and ask their own questions.

  • If parents have questions about a swim meet, the best way to communicate is by email or set up a time to speak with the coach.


  • Good TEAM Spirit!  Cheer for each other, it makes a huge difference.

  • Good Sportsmanship!  Win, lose, or draw, we always "Act Like Champions".  Shake hands with the swimmer next to you.

  • Have Fun!