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        Team & Tech Suit Policy        
Team Suit

Just like wearing team shirts, parkas, caps, etc., we have designated meet suits with the DSA logo that our swimmers are required to wear during swim meets. Instead of our swimmers wearing a variety of different suits and colors that include designer prints, high school suits, and practice suits, we feel it's important to look like a TEAM.

Our designated team suits are practical, yet effective for racing and are perfect for early to mid-season competition for our older swimmers (please refer below to our Tech Suit Policy for championship meets), and ideal for our younger swimmers year round.

The suits we have selected allow for some choice and flexibility in design and material.

  • Speedo Lycra Solids (Black and Royal Blue)

  • Speedo Aquablade (Black and Royal Blue)

  • Speedo The One Endurance One Piece


  • Swim meet suits should be used only during competition. Swimmers should also have a practice swim suit.

  • To find descriptions of each swimsuit or for Team Apparel & Equipment, please go to MI Sports.

Tech Suit

Technical Suits (any swimsuit with a FINA approved stamp) will only be worn at specific meets during the season as designated by the DSA coaching staff.  These meets will include: all end of the season championship meets (i.e. Junior Olympics, Silver State, Sectionals, etc.), a mid-season meet designated by the staff (i.e. Pioneer Open or similar), or in specific cases where a swimmer is trying to achieve a new time standard (at a coach's discretion only).

Please Note.....

  • In September 2018, USA Swimming voted to ban the use of tech suits by 12 & Under swimmers.  The rule goes into effect on September 1, 2020.

  • The board made one amendment to the decision, to allow the use of tech suits to 12 & younger swimmers who have qualified for the USA Junior National Championships or the National Championships.

Reasons We Have Enacted This Policy

  • Tech suits usually only last for two or three meets before the effectiveness in the design wears out. Thus, we are hoping to save families from having to purchase two or three tech suits during the course of a single season.

  • The wearing of tech suits is too often used as an excuse or a crutch for either success or disappointment in the pool.  We as coaches have heard too often that the reason a swimmer didn't swim well was because they didn't have their tech suit on.  The suit plays a very small role in the overall performance of a race (usually less than 1-2%).  It is more of a psychological security blanket that swimmers have with these suits.

  • Tech suits are designed with several purposes in mind, more so for older, further developed swimmers.  Muscle compression created by the suit aids in both racing and recovery.  The actual material really only works once a swimmer reaches a certain speed in the water. The actual fit of the suit also plays a big part.  If the suit is too loose at the hips or waist, the effectiveness of the design becomes null and void.

  • As swimmers get older in their swimming careers, the use of tech suits becomes less and less.  Often times, senior swimmers will only wear tech suits maybe three times a year during big meets.  This is where the feeling of only wearing the suit on a limited basis will actually allow for the swimmer to take advantage of its intended design.

  • There are several other states (LSCs) that actually prohibit any 12 and under swimmers from wearing a tech suit at any meet, no matter the level of competition.  While Colorado has not addressed this issue as of yet, there is discussion on a national level (USA Swimming) about whether or not to allow tech suits at certain levels.

  • We, as a staff, feel that this will benefit the team as a whole and your swimmer(s) as they develop and transition into senior level swimming.