Practice Equipment
Each of our training groups have specific equipment swimmers must bring with them to every practice.  It is the swimmer's responsibility to have all equipment adjusted and spares readily available.....
  • Dolphins - fins

  • White Group - fins

  • Blue Group - fins, pull bouy, snorkel, hand paddles

  • Silver Group - fins, pull bouy, snorkel, hand paddles

  • Black Group - fins, pull bouy, snorkel, hand paddles, stretch cords

  • Seniors - fins, pull bouy, snorkel, hand paddles, finger paddles, stretch cords, tempo trainer, parachute


  • Two pair of goggles - swimmers won't need to miss any practice due to a broken pair.
  • Water bottle - swimmers don't realize how dehydrated they become during a training session.
  • Nose clip - great for backstroke.
  • Mesh bag - carryall for equipment.
  • Tennis shoes - dry land days.
DSA Caps
  • Swimmers will be given a DSA cap upon joining or asking a coach when needed.
  • DSA Swim Caps = $15
  • Your DSA account will be charged.
  • We ask that swimmers wear DSA caps only during practice or a swim meet.
State Equipment
  • State caps may be ordered with your swimmer's name on it; only if your swimmers participates at the Short or Long Course State Championship.  DSA coaches will email parents giving them a group order deadline. 
  • Your DSA account will be charged.
  • State T-shirts will be given to all Championship participants, including relay only swimmers.  Please keep your swimmer's shirt size updated on your DSA account.
MI Sports/DSA Team Store
  • MI Sports is our supplier of choice.
  • MI Sports visits our pool each September, and is available throughout the year to help with our team equipment needs - swimsuits, fins, pull bouys, snorkels, stretch cords, hand paddles, tempo trainers, mesh bags, etc.
  • Swimmers and parents may also purchase team gear - parkas, t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, backpacks, etc.