All Star Information
What is the All Star Team and Midwest All Star Championships?  Hopefully, the information below will help answer your questions.  For more information, please go to Colorado Swimming’s Zone & All Star page at .
Midwest All Star Championships
  • January 17-19, 2020
  • Common Ground Community Center
  • Elkhorn, Nebraska
What is All-Star Championships?
  • The Midwest All-Star Championships is an annual meet between Iowa Swimming, Midwestern Swimming, Minnesota Swimming, South Dakota Swimming and Colorado Swimming.
Who is invited to All-Star Championships?
  • Only the overall top 10 Colorado swimmers of each gender and age category will be selected to the Colorado All-Star team.  In addition, the top finisher of each gender and age category (top overall time in an event) will automatically be selected to the team.
When & where is the meet?
  • The 2020 Midwest All-Star Championships will be held January 17-19, 2020 in Elkhorn, Nebraska.
How much does it cost to attend All-Stars with Team Colorado?
  • The 2020 Colorado All-Star team trip cost per swimmer is TBD.  The cost is usually around $330 each year.  A QuickBooks invoice will be sent out to process payments.  Payments of credit card or ACH will be accepted.
What does the All-Star weekend entail?
  • The Colorado All-Star Team will take a chartered bus to the meet leaving early Friday morning and returning late on Sunday night. All swimmers, coaches and chaperones will travel together on the bus.  All swimmers are required to stay and travel with Team Colorado.  The meet consists of three timed-final sessions: Sat AM, Sat PM and Sun AM.
All-Star Championships Selection Process:
  • The Colorado All-Star Team is selected using a high point system for Colorado swimmers 14 & Under in the following age categories: 10 & Under, 11-12 and 13-14.  Using the USA Swimming database, top times are obtained for each gender and age category for only the events swum at the Midwest All-Star meet.  In addition, only times achieved between the start of the 2019-2020 Short Course season and the completion of the CSI Pioneer Open meet are eligible for All-Star consideration.  Swimmers will be considered in the age category in which they fall based on their age at the first day of the Midwest All-Star meet; January ?, 2020.  The overall top 10 swimmers in each gender and age category will be selected to the Colorado All Star team.  In addition, the top finisher in each gender and age category will automatically be selected to the team, regardless of overall points.
  • Coaches are responsible for getting out-of-state meet results to the Colorado Swimming Times Coordinator by the Monday following the CSI Pioneer Open meet for them to be in the USA Swimming database and thereby considered for the All-Star team selection process.
What is the All Stars entry process?
  • Once all athletes have been notified of their selection to the team and RSVP's have been received; best times are taken from the USA Swimming database and compiled to create the entries for Team Colorado. Each selected Team Colorado coach is responsible for completing the individual and relay entries for their assigned age group and gender. Relay entries are completed prior to each session of the meet and are based on each athletes times used for their individual events and also their performance at the meet up till that session. Individual entries and relay teams are selected to create the most well-rounded, the fastest, and most successful team possible. Relay entries are subject to change at any time and are at the coaches discretion.
How will I be notified if I make the team?
  • Shortly after the deadline, an email with the initial roster and RSVP information will be emailed to all coach contacts within Colorado Swimming. Additionally, the initial roster will be posted on the Colorado Swimming All-Star website.
Can parents travel with the team?
  • Swimmers, coaches, chaperones and CSI sponsored officials are the only individuals that travel on the bus. Parents must make their own travel arrangements to the meet.
How are chaperones chosen?
  • An application is sent with the swimmer's invitation to participate. The CSI Age Group Chair and the Age Group Coordinator choose the chaperones from the applications received.  Parents interested in volunteering as a chaperone are strongly encouraged to read through the duties and responsibilities required of chaperones before applying.
Do athletes have to stay with the team?
  • Yes, any member of the Colorado All-Star team is required to stay with the team until the completion of the trip.  As with all Colorado Swimming sponsored trips, a copy of the CSI Athlete Code of Conduct is included in the team packet and all athletes are required to read, be familiar with and adhere to all that is required.  Parents are always welcome to attend the meet and cheer on their child.
What is the cost of the trip and what does it included?
  • The cost of this year's All-Star trip is TBD. The cost last year was $330.  The expense for Team Colorado members covers meals, lodging, transportation, meet fees, uniforms and team picture for each athlete.  Included with each athlete's uniform is a suit, 2-Colorado Team caps and 2-Colorado Team shirts. Swimmers are responsible for their lunch on Sunday as well as any additional items they decide to purchase while on the trip.
CSI Pioneer Open and the All Star Meet
  • The Pioneer Open, held in early December, is the last chance to qualify for the All Star meet
  • Swimmers interested in the All Star meet should speak with their coach before deciding on events for the Pioneer Open.
  • The All Star selection process is based on a point system that basically rewards the all-around swimmer. Swimmers need to look at all of their best times before entering the Pioneer Open to see which events need improvement; some times may need a boost, especially events that haven't been done in a while.
  • Ask your group coach for guidance.
DSA All Stars
Hutch Cooper (10)
Sawyer Davidow (12)
Spencer Greene (10)
Addy Herl (12)
Joshua Liu (9)
Kenley Yaworski (10)
Taylor Johannsen (10)
Mac Ness (12)
Addy Herl (10)
Alex King (10)
Keirra McDowell (10)
Will Drabik (10)
Gio Aguirre (12)
Rosie Jump (10)
Bailey Kaiser (10)
Jackson Gurley (12)
Makenna Mathieson (14)
Reagan Mathieson (12)
Teagan Steinmetz (10)
Lindsay Stenstrom (13)
Shayda Zarrin (10)
Macy Barnhart (10)
Ty Coen (14)
Keyleigh Hagan (10)
Katherine Harston (14)
Campbell Leid (10)
Landon McDowell (10)
Morgan Rosas (14)
Lindsay Stenstrom (12)
Joey Ulrich (12)
Isalina Colsman (10)
Morgan Conn (12)
Hayley Cook (10)
Landon Rast (12)
Rachel Stein-Plog (10)

DSA All Stars