Sign Up to be a Timer
Some meet hosts require attending teams to supply volunteer timers.  This is a great way to be a part of your swimmer's activity.  If everyone signs up, it is normally less than a 90 minute commitment per meet.  Below is our Lane Timer Policy.....
  • Once DSA has received lane tier assignments from the meet host, a Job Sign Up will be posted on the meet page.
  • We will send an email announcing the timer sign up is open.  Parents will have 24-48 hours (depending upon the ead time the meet host gives us) to sign up for the shift of choice.
  • After the initial sign up period closes, if there are still time slots that haven't been filled, we will assign families to the remaining spots.
  • Once signed up, it will be your responsibility to cover your shift.
  • Accounts will be charged $50 on the Monday following the meet if you fail to cover your shift.
  • Meet officials who are on deck for that meet are not required to sign up for timing shifts.
  • Click here to learn how to sign up - Timers


Become an Official
Becoming an official is a great way to support your swimmer and team.  If you are interested, please check out the links below.....