DSA  Meet Requirements
Team Meet Attendance
  • Swim meets provide an opportunity for coaches to evaluate an athlete's progress, analyzing times and technique.  Coaches are also able to guage their training methods.
  • Swimmers should attend at least one team meet per month.  Check with your group coach for further expectations.
Championship Meet Attendance
  • Swimmers qualifying for Championship meets (Silver State, State, Sectionals, etc) are expected to participate.
Prelim/Final Formatted Swim Meets
  • Swimmers qualifying for Finals are expected to swim Finals, unless approved by a coach.
  • Parents and swimmers need to be aware of USA Swimming's scratch rule and championship meet regulations.
We obviously want our swimmers to perform well at swim meets; we also have other expectations.....
  • Have fun!

  • Good sportsmanship. Win or lose, we always act like champions.

  • TEAM spirit.  Support and cheer for your teammates.

  • ​Show your pride by wearing blue shirts on Saturdays and black shirts on Sundays.

  • If possible, shake hands with your competitors and/or acknowledge their effort.