Excellence 300
        Group Transitions        

Transition Periods

  • DSA has two transition periods during the year

  • Our main transition phase is in September, the beginning of the short course season. 

  • Our second transition phase occurs in March/April, the beginning of the long course season.  Group movement before the long course season is typically minimal.

Prerequisites for group advancement include.....

  • Swimmers must have participated with the team, their original group placement, for at least one season (short course or long course)

  • Leadership within the lane, group, and team; leading by example in and out of the water

  • Meeting the attendance requirements of their current group and ability to meet the requirements fo the new group

  • Consistently completing all practice sets on required intervals.  Also, showing that they can meet the next group's practice intervals

  • A positive TEAM attitude; encouraging teammates and excellent sportsmanship

  • Strong character skill are valued with the DSA coaching staff; mature behavior, excellent listening habits, and dedication to the appropriate effort during practice. 

  • Acting like a champion at all times

  • A swimmer's age will be considered.  Whenever possible, we do our best to keep similar ages together

  • Participation in meets that a swimmer qualifies; Silver State, Short Course State, Long Course State, Senior State

  • Swimmers need to display a desire to be promoted, and willingness to embrace the increased training and attendance requirements