The world of competitive swimming is something to be admired. The early mornings, 2+ hour practices, and all-day meets are for the mentally fit. The hours you put in training for a race that last less than 60 seconds is not for the faint of heart. Answer the questions below to see if you’re ready to become the Olympic hopeful!!!!


1. WHAT IS YOU PREVIOUS SWIMMING ABILITY? - This sounds like a straightforward question, and something that should be a prerequisite for competitive swimming, but this is not always the case. Some great swimmers have come to love the sport by cross training or rehabbing from another sports. Some swimmers just have not been exposed to pools, except for those at your vacation hotels. For those that do have some pool hours under their belts. Have you completed dominated your age group, or have you been the faster swimmer in your swim lessons? This is also a great way to get into the competitive swimming world. In either case, great swimmers come from everywhere!


2. WHAT IS YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE SPORT? - I dare to say that swimming is one of the most time-consuming sports out there. Countless hours in the pool for seconds of race time, not to mention school, family, homework, friends, and just life! Or maybe you are a great soccer, basketball, field hockey, or tennis player. The benefits of swimming are proven, but playing other sports also helps coordination, team building, neural connectivity and body awareness in different ways than swimming. As you dive into the new world of competitive swimming, go ahead and continue to cross train. Your coaches will love you for it. In the case that you are a steel trap and swimming is what you were born to do, we will be ready for you as well.


3. HOW MUCH DOES COMPETITIVE SWIMMING COST? - Grab and old towel, some goggles and head to the pool?! Competitive swimming is a little more involved. Registration, meet fees, monthly dues will all vary by team and season. Equipment? "Only goggles, right?" Other equipment is needed for swimming success. Fins, paddles, kickboards, snorkels will be needed to keep up with the Coaches practices and to train hard. This is definitely not the cheapest sport around, but if you love the smell of chlorine and hate getting into the car dry, this is the sport for you!!


If you have answered the questions above and you are still interested in becoming the next Michael Phelps, Caleb Dressel or Missy Franklin, then by all means click the link below to find out more information and to schedule a tryout. Good Luck!!!


For information regarding new member tryouts, pricing and information please contact Coach Cindy O'Neil