SEPTEMBER 2021-2022



This guide provides an overview of the Eaton Red Waves Swim Club (ERW), including the club organization and oversight, practice groups, meets, activities, and membership commitments.  The club is a year-round competitive swim club sanctioned through Colorado Swimming Inc. (CSI), the state organization of USA Swimming. The home pool for the team is Eaton High School, 114 Park Avenue, Eaton, Colorado.    If you have questions, please feel free to speak with the club coaching staff or contact any of the Eaton Red Waves Board Members.  Board Member contact information is available at .



This process applies to:

        New swimmers who have never registered with CSI/USA Swimming

        Swimmers whose CSI registration has lapsed

        ERW swimmers in October of each year


TO GET STARTED: This guide provides an overview of the Eaton Red Waves Swim Club (ERW), including the club organization and oversight, practice groups, meets, activities, and membership commitments. 


 The yearly registration fee is $98.00:

a.       $78.00 for USA Swimming registration fee (2021).

b.      $20.00 ERW Administration fee for each swimmer.  Fee is non-refundable.


You will need to bring your payment confirmation page to your first day of practice and present it to one of the coaches.


Athletes that have never swam with the club may have a two-week trial. To begin your 2 week trial, please complete the online registration process at > Registration Information.  You will need to pay your ERW Administration fee of $20.00.


After your 2 week trial, if your swimmer joins the club, a $78 USA Swimming registration fee will be charged to your account along with the remaining days of the current month’s prorated monthly membership fee.  You will also be charged a prorated sponsorship fee if joining after March.


Parents are responsible for notifying the club on or before the last day of your trial period if your child chooses not to continue swimming with the Eaton Red Waves.



The team is divided into four practice, or training groups. Athletes are assigned a practice group after an assessment of his/her skill level by the head coach. Progression from one level to the next is at the discretion of the coaching staff. In addition, specific requirements must be met to advance to the Platinum team (details below).

Platinum Team

This is an elite training group. Platinum team members are expected to attend regular practice sessions, which are conducted Monday through Friday for 1.5 - 2.0 hours per day in length. In addition, goal setting sessions two (2) times annually will be mandatory between swimmer, parent(s) and coach.


Training Focus: Stroke technique, dry land conditioning, developing complex race skills, and coach's and film analysis.


1.     Must be 13 years of age or over.

2.     Must be able to complete the following designated test set or have completed the set in the Head Coach's presence in the past:

a.     8 x 100 FR on the 1:20 or 8 x 100 FR/Back on the 1:25 or 8 x 100 Back on the 1:30 or 8 x 100 FR/Breast on the 1:35.

3.     Requirements must be completed by the end of the month you start with, or return to, the club.


Gold Team

This is a high-end training group. Gold team members must be 11 years of age or older and demonstrate clean stroke mechanics. They are expected to attend regular practice sessions, which are conducted Monday through Friday for 1.5 - 2.0 hours per day in length. In addition, goal setting sessions two (2) times annually will be mandatory between swimmer, parent(s) and coach.


Training Focus: Stroke technique, dry land conditioning, developing complex race skills, and coach's and film analysis.


White Team

The practices for the White team are conducted Monday through Friday for approximately 1.5 hours in length and focus on teaching proper technique and introduction to aerobic work. Swimmer must be able to consistently demonstrate legal strokes and turns.


Training Focus: Stroke development and analysis, and race skill development.


Red Team

The Red team is the entry-level practice group. It is open to swimmers as least six years of age and able to swim 50 yards (2 lengths of the Eaton H.S. pool) of each freestyle (front crawl with correct breathing technique) and backstroke. The practices for the Red team are conducted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and are 1 – 1.5 hours in length. The Red team serves both as an introduction to competitive swimming and preparation for the next practice level. Emphasis is placed on learning the fundamentals of competitive swimming.


Training Focus: Stroke instruction, knowledge of rules, introduction to swim

meets, and fundamental racing skills.



We strive for consistency with our practice schedule. However, because we use the pool along with the Eaton Schools, Eaton High School (EHS) girls' swimming and diving team, the Eaton School District has first priority.  Cancellation of a practice due to a high school swim meet, repairs, or unforeseen circumstances will be sent via e-mail or text to active members and posted at .


Parents are welcome to watch practice from the bleachers. The coaches will be happy to talk with you before or after practice if you have any questions or concerns.



All swimmers need to be on the deck ready for stretching 5 minutes before practice starts.

Due to the variability of schedules during the year, all practice schedules are posted and available at , by emailing [email protected], or speaking with one of the club coaching staff.



The information listed below summarizes the financial expectations of membership with the Eaton Red Waves.  For specific amounts and requirements, please refer to the individual heading below.  The fees listed below are MANDATORY and essential to the continued success of the club:

1.  Annual USA Swimming Registration

        USA Swimming registration fees and ERW administration fees

        All registration is completed on-line at

2.  Monthly Dues

        Dues based on practice team

        Monthly dues are invoiced through the Team Unify online system.

3.  Sponsorship Drive

a.     Sponsorship dues are a one-time yearly fee charged to all swimmers who swim at least one month during a calendar year with the club.  Sponsorship dues are non-refundable.

b.    Sponsorship dues are designed as a fundraising drive that is held January through March of each year.  Any dues not collected by the designated end date of the Sponsorship Drive will be the responsibility of the swimmer’s family. 

c.     Any swimmer that joins the club after the drive has been completed (between April 1st and December 31st of each year) will be assessed a prorated sponsorship fee.  Swimmers will be charged based on the swimmer's start date according to the following schedule:

1.       January through March:  Swimmers participate in the Sponsorship Drive (see sponsorship drive and fee information).  Full fee due March 30th of each year.

2.       April through December:  The annual fundraising fee will be prorated (see fee information) and due in full on the first monthly statement.



United States Swimming (USA) is the National Governing Board for swimming in the United States.  Membership in USA Swimming is required to be a member of the Eaton Red Waves at a yearly cost of $98.00 per swimmer. The fee covers the $78.00 USA swimming membership fee and the $20.00 ERW administration fee.   USA membership, through the state organization, Colorado Swimming Inc. (CSI), provides supplemental accident insurance for its members and liability insurance coverage for member teams.

An alternative registration option is now available for members.  USA swimming offers an annual flex membership at a yearly cost of $20.00 per swimmer. Please be aware that this option allows only limited participation in USA swimming sanctioned meets.

Athlete protection training is required for all swimmers.  This training can be found at:


A.           For new swimmers (never registered with USA Swimming), the annual fee is valid from September 1, 2021 through December 31, 2022, if the swimmer registers after 9/1/2021.

B.           Any new swimmer that begins between 1/1/2022 and 8/31/2022, the annual fee will be valid from their registration date thru 12/31/2022.  Renewal will be required in 9/2022 for the 2023 season, including cost for the yearly administration fee and USA Swimming fee at the time of renewal.

C.           Returning swimmers must renew their registration through the club by November 1, 2021 for the 2021-2022 season.  Their registration will be valid for January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022.  NOTE:  Swimmers who are not registered by November 1st will not be allowed in the water for practices or meets. 

On-line registration information is available at .  All payments must be made on-line with a credit card/debit card/e-check and are subject to additional charges for processing fees.



The Eaton Red Waves is a pay-to-swim club. The continued health of the club is dependent on every family paying their dues on time and to participate regularly in practices, meets, and activities.  The current standard monthly rates are as follows:

2021- 2022 DUES

A.        Monthly Dues

RED Team ... $75

WHITE Team ... $85

GOLD Team ... $95

PLATINUM Team ... $100


B.        Multiple Swimmer Dues Discount

The multiple swimmer discount is applied when a family has more than one athlete swimming in the same month. The athlete swimming in the highest practice group will be billed the full rate, with the remaining athletes discounted as follows:

* Swimmer 1 ... Full rate

* Swimmer 2 ... 15% discount

* Swimmer 3 or more ... 50% discount


Monthly dues are auto-invoiced thru Team Unify (online system) by the 1st of each month. Payment is due promptly, but not later than the 10th of each month.

Attendance is taken each practice and families will be billed at the appropriate practice group level.

Monthly dues are invoiced if swimmer swims at least one day during the current month.  Full dues are collected regardless of the number of times you attend.  The monthly dues will not be prorated for missed practices.

Monthly dues will be collected for all swimmers that attend any number of swim meets during a month even if not attending practice.

a.     Our coaches highly encourage practice attendance, not just meet attendance. 

b.    If you have a situation that allows only meet attendance (e.g. High School Swim Team), please contact the Board, in writing, requesting special consideration to have the monthly dues excused.

You are responsible for notifying the Billing/Registration Coordinator and President (not the coach) by the 20th of the month if your swimmer plans to take time off and when he/she plans to return to swimming.  Otherwise you will be considered an active swimmer and you will be billed.   If your swimmer takes time off from the club during the year for any reason, they will pay a $50 reactivation fee when your swimmer returns to the club.



Payments for dues must be submitted through the on-line Team Unify system and can be paid with an E-Check, Credit or Debit card on-line.  The club does not accept check payments because you can utilize our E-Check or Debit card processing services which come directly out of your checking account.  There is a flat processing fee of $3.00 for every transaction associated with paying your account balance on-line.


1.     Members have the option to process their own monthly payment on-line and can             logon immediately to their account after receiving an invoice by e-mail to pay.                                                       

2.     Members have the option during registration to request the club to automatically             process their monthly payments through our auto-bill system. 


ª          Payment will be charged to the account number on file on or before the the 1st of the month. 

ª          It is the responsibility of the member to keep their account numbers and expiration dates current in our billing system.

ª          If the account number on file is declined for any reason, an e-mail notice will be sent to the member informing them of the problem.  Processing the monthly payment for the current month will then be the responsibility of the member until all account information is updated in the billing system.

ª          If the payment is not processed by the member by the 10th of the month, late fees will be assessed according to the policies explained in the guide.

Privacy Notice - All information is confidential and on a secured network.  We do not share or distribute information.



It places an extra burden on the other families if your payments are not kept current -- this includes both monthly dues and the annual Sponsorship Drive (fundraiser) fees.  Our current payment policy is the following:

  1. Invoices are processed no later than the 1st of the month and payments are due by the 10th of the month.  If payment in full is not received by the 10th of the month, a $10 late fee will be assessed and added to the family's account on the 11th.
  2. If payment of any outstanding account balance is not received by ERW by the end of the month:
    1. Swimming privileges will be revoked immediately and the swimmer(s) will not be allowed in the water for practice and/or meets until the account is paid in full.  At that time, the coaches will be notified of the overdue account.
    2. A $10 processing fee will be assessed to the account to process the overdue payment.
  3. It is the family's responsibility to keep their E-Check or credit/debit card numbers in the billing system in date and current because failed transactions are very time consuming to correct.  If the family does not update their information on a timely basis, the swimmer(s) will not be allowed in the water for practice and/or meets until the number has been verified current in the billing system.
  4. If a payment for meet registration fees is declined, the family will be given 5 days to fix the problem and make the payment online or the swimmer(s) will not be allowed to participate in the meet.
  5.  When the family's account is paid in full, the family must notify the Billing/Registration Coordinator by e-mail and the swimmer(s) may not enter the water until coaches are informed of the payment by the Billing/Registration Coordinator.  Verification that the overdue payment has been received by the Billing/Registration Coordinator may take up to 3 business days; therefore, the swimmer(s) may not enter the water until the Billing/Registration Coordinator notifies the coaches on deck.



The purpose of the Sponsorship Drive / Fundraising Campaign each year is to assist in keeping the monthly Club dues as low as possible.  The Sponsorship Drive / Fundraising Campaign supplements the Club dues and the yearly pool usage fee.  This applies to swimmers registered by January through March of each year. 

1.     The campaign is conducted from January through March.

2.     Swimmers sell sponsorships to local businesses.

3.     Families may choose to pay the annual amount rather than requesting sponsorships from local businesses. Fundraising campaign fees are non-refundable.

4.     Fundraising details are provided each January when the campaign begins.

5.     If the sponsorship drive payments are not received by March 31st , ERW may charge the E-Check or Credit/Debit card number on file with our billing system for the full amount due.



* 1 Swimmer/family ....................         $250

* 2 Swimmers/family ..................          $300

* 3 or more Swimmers/family.....            $350

NOTE:  Swimmers joining the club after the sponsorship drive (April through December)will be required to pay a prorated commitment in full with the first monthly dues payment


* 1 Swimmer/family……$21 per month multiplied by the # of months remaining in the current year

* 2 Swimmers/family…..$25 per month multiplied by the # of months remaining in the current year

* 3 Swimmers/family…..$30 per month multiplied by the # of months remaining in the current year



One-time yearly vouchers will be available for middle and high school swimmers that are registered members of the Eaton Red Waves team. These vouchers are for middle and high school swimmers who would like to participate in a school sport during the school year, but would still like to swim part-time with the club. They receive 50% off their monthly dues for up to three consecutive months (one time only) while he/she participates in another sport. The Middle & High School Voucher form is available on the website at . Submit the completed form to the Billing/Registration Coordinator prior to the 20th of the month.  Reactivation fee will not be charged as long as the form is signed by the Coach and submitted to the Billing/Registration Coordinator.


The success of Eaton Red Waves is due in large part to the parents who take an active role in helping meet the on-going needs of the team. The team relies on member volunteers to help out with day-to-day operations and special events to keep our monthly dues down. We need all families to assist in making Eaton Red Waves a success!


2021-2022 Volunteer Policy

ERW Swim Meet Volunteer Requirements

(1)   Serve as an active member on the Board of Directors.  Positions are filled in May for the coming year.  Additional incentives are added to the Board of Director positions.  See explanation below.

(2)   Volunteer as a USA Swimming Official.  See explanation below.

(3)   Unless a family member is serving as an active member on the Board or is volunteering as a USA Swimming Official, at home meets, the following volunteer requirements must be met.

For families with 1 swimmer:

-    Family must fill a total of 2 volunteer positions (provide 1 volunteer at 2 of 3 sessions)

-    If volunteer requirement is not met, swimmer account will be charged $100 per session that a volunteer was not provided following the meet.

For families with 2 or more swimmers:

-    Family must fill a total of 3 volunteer positions (provide 1 volunteer at each of the 3 sessions or 1 volunteer at one session and 2 volunteers at another session).

-    If volunteer requirement is not met, swimmer account will be charged $100 per session per volunteer that was not provided following the meet.

Additional volunteer requirements for all meets that the ERW is hosting or co-hosting (8&U Championships, Silver Circuit, Districts, etc.):

-    For meets held at Eaton High School Pool or sponsored/hosted by ERW ALL families with active swimmer(s) must fill a total of 1 volunteer position per session.

-    Non-ERW sponsored swim meets at which timers from ERW are required (e.g. District or League Meets), participating swimmer families will be expected to time for a portion of the session for which their swimmer is participating if needed.

-    If volunteer requirement is not met, swimmer account will be charged $50 per session that a volunteer was not provided following the meet.


Definitions/Exceptions to Volunteer Requirements

An eligible swimmer is any swimmer who meets the entry qualifications for the meet (age and/or times) and is not receiving a High School Voucher at the time of the meet.

If a swimmer has chosen not to participate in Fall Fest (due to travel, illness, or other commitments), or if a swimmer is not swimming the month of the meet, the volunteer requirement must still be met in full by the swimmer/swimmer family unless prior arrangements have been made with the Meet Director and the volunteer position(s) are fulfilled by another member of the club (in addition to their own volunteer requirement).

Some volunteer positions can be fulfilled by children under the age of 13.  Other positions must be filled by an adult or child 13 years of age or older.  Each volunteer sign-up will indicate if age requirements apply.  For example, lane timers should be 13 years of age or older.  The rules of USA Swimming specify that, "No swimmer shall be required to re-swim a race due to equipment failure which results in unrecorded or inaccurate time or place.  The accurate timing and recording of each swimmer's performance are essential."

Exception:  Any eligible swimmer, who under a physician's order is not allowed to swim, (e.g. recovering from surgery) is not required to fulfill volunteer positions.  A note from the health care provider must be provided to the Board. 


Signing Up for Volunteer Positions

All volunteer sign-up for will be completed online at

Note:  All above volunteer requirements must be fulfilled for any swimmer to be supported by ERW Swim Club following the Championship/Travel Meet policy.


Accident or Injury While Volunteering

Please be aware that in the event of an accident or injury, volunteers are not covered by Eaton Red Waves Swim Club insurance.

All members should have their own personal insurance that covers them in the event of an accident or injury while volunteering for an Eaton Red Waves event or activity.





Eaton Red Waves Board of Directors will set aside money to be placed into a Coaches Travel Fund to assist in paying for Coach’s expenses and Coach’s salary in the event that a swimmer(s) qualifies for a championship meet or in the event of a Travel meet.  These funds will be derived from the following:

ª          ERW fee of $10.00/swimmer for every swim meet registration (away & home meets)

ª          2% of the profit from all home meets

Money for Championship meets will be divided as follows.

ª          One swimmer: All coaching salary will be paid. 25% of airfare and hotel.

ª          Two swimmers: All coaching salary will be paid. 50% of airfare and hotel.

ª          Three swimmers: All coaching salary will be paid. 75% of airfare and hotel.

ª          Four swimmers: All coaching salary will be paid.  100% of airfare plus determined amount of food expenses.

All money will be taken out of the Coaches Travel Fund first.  If there is not enough money in the Coaches Travel Fund to cover the eligible percentage, the remaining eligible amount will be paid by the club. Any fee’s not covered by the team will be the responsibility of the swimmer(s) attending the meet.

When available, the King Soopers Fundraiser Funds can be used to supplement remaining coaching costs. The King Soopers Fundraiser Funds can be used to pay the remaining cost of airfare and hotel as well as the cost of a mid-sized car rental and $45/day food stipend.

All travel team requirements must be met by the swimmer(s) to be entitled to funding for coach’s expenses to be paid by ERW.

Swimmers requirements for receiving funds from the team travel fund:

1.     Must be in good standing with the club.  All dues must be paid in full each month and have been in good standing for 6 months.

2.     Must be an active member of the club for a continuous 6 months before the meet.

3.     For team travel meets, the swimmers must have participated in the fundraiser, with each participant raising the set amount of base funds, to be determined before set fundraiser. Non participants will not receive any money.

4.     Must be swimming an average of 2 days a week for the Red Team and 4 days a week for the White, Gold and Platinum team for the last three months.


(Effective: September 1, 2020)




In order to maintain a healthy, well-run and growing club, the Eaton Red Waves requires active volunteers on the Eaton Red Waves Board and annual Coordinator positions.  To encourage Board and Coordinator positions, the following incentives are included for these volunteer positions:


President                                                          Treasurer

Sponsorship/Fundraiser Chair                            Secretary

Billing/Registration Coordinator                         Meet Director

Swim Official                                                    Assistant Meet Director


The following incentives are given to the above positions:


        Voting member of the Board

        One swimmer is exempt from yearly USA Registration fee ($76)

        President, Treasurer, and Billing and Registration Coordinator:

-    First Year:  Reduction in monthly dues for one swimmer by $20.00 per month.

-    Each additional year:  Increase reduction by $5.00 per month for each year.

        Sponsorship/Fundraiser Chair, Secretary, Meet Director and Assistant Meet Director:

-    First Year:  Reduction in monthly dues of one swimmer by $10 per month.

-    Each additional year:  Increase reduction by $5.00 per month for each year.

        Swim Official:

-    Officials must work two sessions of each home meet.  Officials working two sessions of any meet are refunded their entry fees, less contribution to the CSI fund for one swimmer's entries.  Refunded entry fees will not be in excess of $400 per year.

         Fulfilling the duties of any Board position meets club volunteer requirements



Swimmers have the opportunity to participate in swim meets throughout the year. Meets are not mandatory for club membership, but are highly encouraged. A meet is a swimmer’s reward for all his/her hard work at practice!  Creating community by supporting and cheering on teammates, meeting swimmers from other clubs, experiencing new surroundings, fun, and a sense of accomplishment are just a few of the rewards swimmers will receive from participating in swim meets. All meets are held in accordance with USA Swimming rules and regulations.


NOTE:  Swimmers that attend meets, but not practice, will be charged the monthly dues for that particular month.  Any exceptions must be approved by the ERW board.

All swim meets havve individual registration and event fees for participation. Additionally there is an ERW fee of $10/swimmer for every swim meet registration (away & home meets) to help cover the coach's travel and pay for meet attendance. 



The schedule is determined by the head coach. The team typically attends 1-2 meets per month, held on week-ends, at venues primarily in northern Colorado and the greater Denver metro area. The Eaton Red Waves host meets at our pool with dates to be determined annually by the Head Coach and the Board of Directors. In addition, the team attends the Northern Colorado Swimming (NCS) District Championships held each winter and summer. There are additional championship meets for those swimmers who achieve the respective qualifying times (i.e. Silver State, Colorado Age-Group State /Junior Olympics (JO), Zone, Regional/Sectional, and National championships).



For swimmers new to competitive swimming there are Silver Circuit meets sponsored by Northern

Colorado Swimming. These meets are typically held in smaller venues and only swimmers above a certain time per event may attend. The Eaton Red Waves host 1-2 Silver Circuit meets a year.



Meet information is available at . There are selected meets within our meet schedule that are designated as COACH’S CHOICE. These meets have been designated as such so that if you choose to swim in just a few meets each year, these meets will have the majority of our membership in attendance.  This promotes team spirit and unity and it is a good opportunity for the new and inexperienced swimmer to have experienced swimmers and swim families nearby to help them become familiar with the meet process.  Also, the COACH’S CHOICE meets guarantee to have a coach in attendance for ALL sessions. The non-Coach’s Choice meets will require a minimum number of splashes per meet session to guarantee coach attendance (see the COACHING STAFF section for more details).

ERW has an on-line meet entry process.  All meet information will be sent to the family’s email of record thru the Team Unify online system.  All entries will be completed on-line.


All members of the coaching staff are CPR/First Aid certified and Water Safety or Coach Safety trained.  They also have an annual background check and hold the Certified Coaches card through USA Swimming, which is recertified as required by USA Swimming.

Due to the small size of our club, we will guarantee to send a certified coach to swim meets on our team schedule that are designated as COACH’S CHOICE meets.  Guaranteed coach attendance at the non-coach’s choice meets on our schedule will require a minimum participation of 10 splashes per meet session (10 event entries from the ERW per meet session).

See the webpage at for swim meet schedule.



We have several forms of communication to keep families informed of meets, practice schedules, entry deadlines, upcoming activities, etc.



Please join us at for the latest information.

Text Messaging (SMS)

To use this method of communication, you must activate this tool on your own individual ERW account. It is highly recommended for short notice communications. (ie. late notice practice changes due to inclement weather).

E-mail Correspondence

For up-to-the-minute information email has proven to be the medium of choice for most families. Please keep your email address updated.

Individual Family Folders

Each family is given an individual family folder. They are kept in the black 2-drawer filing cabinet near the NE pool entrance for your convenience. Ribbons, medals, etc. are placed here after swim meets.

Parent Meetings

Parent information meetings are held 1-2 times each year during practice times at the pool. We try to make it as convenient as possible for all to attend.

CSI Web site

The Colorado Swimming web site ( is an excellent source of general information about swimming in Colorado. Through this site you can also access the database that stores your child's swim meet times and meet results. The ERW develops our own meet schedule, drawn from the meet choices, posted on this site. The ERW meet schedule is posted at .


The swim club has a Board of Directors who oversee the financial and business aspects of the team. These are elected positions selected at annual elections held in the March-April time-frame for a term beginning May 1 through April 30. Board meetings are held monthly and are open to Red Waves parents. Meeting dates, times, and locations will be posted at .  Board positions include President, Sponsorship/Fundraiser Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Meet Director, Assistant Meet Director and Billing/Registration Coordinator.  Refer to the web page for names and contact information of the current board members. 




-    starting platform at the start end of each lane; aka. starting block or platform


Clerk of the Course

-    facilitator of the heating area; sometimes used as a synonym for Heating



-    Colorado Swimming Inc., the state organization of USA Swimming; also known as an LSC.



-    area around the pool.



-    Event-Heat-Lane. This is the information a swimmer needs to know and remember at each meet.  They typically write this information on their hands, arms, or feet with a Sharpie marker. For example, if you are swimming in Event 49, Heat 2, Lane 4 you would write 49-2-4.


Heating Area

-    location where swimmers are staged prior to each event and seeded according to the time submitted with meet entry



-    Local Swim Committee Each LSC is made up of volunteers and is responsible for administering USA Swimming activities in a defined geographical area and has its own set of bylaws under which it operates. Colorado's LSC is Colorado Swimming, Inc. (CSI).


Long Course (LC)

-    pool facility is 50-meters in length. Times swam in this size pool are labeled LCM (long course meters)



-    a period of timed at each swim meet not to exceed 4 hours, in which designated events are completed.


Short Course (SC)

-    indoor pool facility is 25 yards long; outside SC pools are typically 25 meters.  Times will be noted as SCY (short course yards) or SCM (short course meters).



-    1 swimmer swimming one event equals one splash