MEET INFORMATION                                                                              

Swimmers have the opportunity to participate in swim meets throughout the year. Meets are not mandatory for club membership, but are highly encouraged. A meet is a swimmer’s reward for all his/her hard work at practice!  Creating community by supporting and cheering on team mates, meeting swimmers from other clubs, experiencing new surroundings, fun, and a sense of accomplishment are just a few of the rewards swimmers will receive from participating in swim meets. All meets are held in accordance with USA Swimming rules and regulations.


Meet information is available under the EVENTS info on the home page. There are selected meets within our meet schedule that are designated as COACH’S CHOICE. These meets have been designated as such so that if you choose to swim in just a few meets each year, these meets will have the majority of our membership in attendance.  This promotes team spirit and unity and it is a good opportunity for the new and inexperienced swimmer to have experienced swimmers and swim families nearby to help them become familiar with the meet process.  Also, the COACH’S CHOICE meets guarantee to have a coach in attendance for ALL sessions. The non-Coach’s Choice meets will require a minimum number of splashes per meet session to guarantee coach attendance. 

ERW has an on-line meet entry process.  All meet information will be sent to the family’s email on record thru the Team Unify online system.  All entries will be completed on-line. 

Once you have signed up for a meet and you decide you do not want to attend if the meet entry deadline has passed your meet entry fee is non refundable

NOTE:  Swimmers that attend meets, but not practice, will be charged the monthly dues for that particular month.  Any exceptions must be approved by the ERW board.