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2. New Member Parent Orientation Meeting (Oct 18, 2021) HERE 

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FST Parent and Swimmer Educational Talks

1. Best Practices for Swim Parents Talk: Click Here

2. Training, Nutrition, and Performance Talk: Click Here

3. Basics of Nutrition Talk 1 (April 2017): Click Here

4. Basics of Nutrition Talk 2 (April 2019): Click Here

5. Sports Nutrition for Athletes (2016,17,18): Click Here

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USA Swimming Parent Education

1. Growing Champions for Life: Click Here

2. PARENT TIPS - The 10 commandments: Click Here

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Types of Swim Suits

Did you know there are 3 types of suits? They are: 

  • Practice/training suits (these suits are made to last day in and day out. They are used primarily for the hours and hours swimmers spend in the pool. The material is made for comfort and durability during training not speed. Pricing ranges ($17-$65 Women and $10-$20 Men) 
  • Meet suits (these suits are generally used for "non-championship" meets. They are made for multiple meet uses and typically last 1-2 years. They are made for comfort and speed. Price ranges ($50-$100 Women and $20-$50 Men.
  • Tech suits (these suits are not made to last long. They are made to be used 3-4 times a year at "Championship meets" only. They are the most expensive suits on the market and made for speed only. These suits use compression and are typically not comfortable. The material breaks down quickly after 4-5 uses showing big losses in compression and increased drag. Price ranges ($100-$500 Women and $100-$350 Men)