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This page is to give the swimmers of the Greenwood Tiger Sharks the resources and tools needed in order to become a future student-athlete. The college recruiting process has changed over the years, especially in swimming. Today, there are more websites popping up that are designed to help high school athletes get recruited. Below are a few websites we believe are most helpful for our athletes. There are 600+ swimming programs in the country, there is place for you! The Greenwood Tiger Sharks Coaching Staff will assist our athletes during the decision-making process, recruiting and scholarship opportunities. Start by reading the College Swimming Recruiting Handbook. All information listed below was made possible by the NCAA, NAIA and USA Swimming. **Note to all GTS Juniors: you must be registered with the NCAA by the end of your Junior year. Failure to do so makes you ineligible for college recruitment! REGISTRATION LINK: NCAA Eligibility Center

Do you want to swim in college? Do not know where to begin? Here is some helpful information about the steps on how to be recruited: 

  • College Recruiting & Making Your Decision 
  • One swimmer's account of the college recruiting process
  • College Recruiting Questionnaires 
    • Filling out a recruiting questionnaire to a program you are interested in is the best way to get the attention of the Head Coach. During a prospects Freshman/Sophomore year, college coaches can send you a paper questionnaire to fill out or you can fill one out electronically. After the start of a prospects Junior year, a college coach can start to send you official recruiting material. Filling out recruiting questionnaire for the top 5-10 schools on your list might help them notice you. An example of an online recruiting form can be found here. A hard copy of the questionnaire can be found here. Email a completed copy of this form to your coach to be posted for you under your class. This link has some information on what college coaches are looking for.
  • College Recruiting Timeline
  • When do college coaches begin recruiting?
  • College Q's 
  • Official vs. Unofficial Recruiting Trips 
    • Official trips are defined as a visit financed in whole or in part by the institution. Athletes are only allowed 5 expense-paid trips and can only visit the institution once. 
    • Unofficial trips are defined as a visit financed entirely by the prospect. Athletes are allowed to take unlimited number of unofficial visits to an institution. Unofficial trips may take place at any time. Thoughts about unofficial visits.
  • Recruiting Calls: College coaches will call when allowed to swimmers they are interested in recruiting. Be prepared for these. The following is a link to common questions and an outline of what to ask and say during a call, Anatomy of a Recruiting Call
  • Signing in the fall or spring? Which is better? Check this link for some information on when to sign that NLI, link
  • When is it appropriate to ask about scholarships?

What are my chances of receiving an athletic scholarship? Answer: slim. Its a tough reality but not everyone on a collegiate swim program receives a some sort of a scholarship. In fact, most incoming freshman will be walk ons and do not receive any financial assistance. You are competing for a scholarship just like you are competing at a swim meet. This link explains in more detail, why?

  • Athletic scholarships by division including NAIA and NJCAA:
    • Division I - Men 9.9, Women 14 (some DI schools do not offer scholarships; i.e. Ivy League)
    • Division II - Men 8.1, Women 8.1
    • Division III - Men 0, Women, 0 
    • NAIA - Men 8, Women 8
    • NJCAA - Men 15, Women 15
    • Athletic scholarship: An athletic scholarship is a one-year contract between you and a Division I and II institution. A school may reduce or cancel a scholarship when you become ineligible for competition, quit the team, engage in any serious misconduct or misrepresent yourself. During the scholarships contract year, a coach CANNOT cancel or reduce your scholarship base on athletic ability, performance or injury. Remember, a coach cannot offer you a "four year full ride scholarship". THEY DO NOT EXIST! Each student-athlete award is reviewed annually after each academic term.
    • Scholarship Stats

NCAA Eligibility & Requirements by Division: 

NAIA Eligibility:

Helpful links: