Come Swim with Us!

Greenwood Tiger Sharks is a year-round USA Swimming team. Swimmers may join the team at any point throughout the season.


House account billing will be used for monthly dues payments and will be charged to your credit card between the 2nd and 5th of each month. Meet fees and other GTS items (swim caps, additional t-shirts, etc.) will be billed directly to the credit card upon acceptance into a meet or at the time of purchase. Twelve monthly payments (August-July 31) with a $5/month monthly payment incentive for multiple family members. If you wish to cancel your GTS membership, you must notify Coach Genevieve, in writing, by the 15th of the month prior. An early termination fee of $180 will be incurred, with exceptions only made in the case of an injury that prevents a swimmer from participating.



August - August 2020-2021


Senior - monthly

 $ 110.00

Senior - monthly multifamily


Senior - monthly employee


Senior - annual prepaid


Senior Prep - monthly


Senior Prep - monthly multifamily


Senior Prep - monthly employee


Senior Prep - annual prepaid


Senior Flex - monthly


Senior Flex - monthly multifamily


Senior Flex - monthly employee


Senior Flex- annual prepaid


Sharks - monthly


Sharks - monthly multifamily


Sharks - monthly employee


Sharks - annual prepaid


Sharks Flex - monthly


Sharks Flex - monthly multifamily


Sharks Flex - monthly employee


Sharks Flex - annual prepaid


Fish - monthly


Fish - monthly multifamily


Fish - monthly employee


Fish - annual prepaid


Fish Flex - monthly


Fish Flex - monthly multifamily


Fish Flex - monthly employee


Fish Flex - annual prepaid



Annual registration

USA Swimming Premium Membership $76

(One time annual fee, $64 USA Swimming, $12 LSC-CO Swimming)


USA Swimming Flex Membership $20

(One time annual fee, $20 USA Swimming, $10 LSC-CO Swimming)


Annual GTS Registration Fee $45

(One time annual fee per athlete)