Mission | Vision | Goals

Mission Statement

We empower athletes of all ages to be champions in life through excellence in swimming. At GTS, we achieve excellence through our Core Values: Passion, Integrity, Teamwork, Stewardship, Continuous Improvement and Respect. We strive to ensure the safest and most encouraging environment for self-development and growth in the sport.

Vision Statement

We foster the belief that swimming is not just a sport but is a lifelong skill that can be enjoyed at any age on any platform. If we complete our role as coaches our athletes will still be coming to the pool long after they outgrow our program.


The Greenwood Tiger Sharks team is open to swimmers of all ability levels, from novice to regional to national. The swimmers’ progress and success is directly related to their commitment, desire, and motivation. The program is designed by a professional and USA Swimming Certified coaching staff interested in developing successful people as well as successful swimmers. With this in mind, the following team objectives have been established:
  1. To make swimming fun and an enjoyable exercise for our athletes at all life stages
  2. To promote physical fitness and overall health habits
  3. To provide each swimmer opportunities for social, emotional, and educational development while encouraging peer and family participation
  4. To promote daily improvements both in and out of the pool
  5. To promote 100% effort in each practice which illustrates to the athletes the life lesson that hard work and dedication does pay off

Simple Team Principle:

Respect Yourself, 

Respect Your Teammates,

Respect Your Coaches.

Respect Equipment.