Education Corner

We will be supplying weekly Swimming Educational Materials to ensure your athlete can expand their "Swimming IQ" though they may not be in the pool. Please feel free to take notes (it might help the info sink in) so you're ready to start working on these things when we get back to practice!


Lesson 1: Underwater Kicking

Here are the links to additional videos I mention in this lesson:

Lesson 2: Breathing Around Walls

Lesson 3: 5th Stroke-Streamlines

Breaststroke Pullout:

How to improve dolphin kicks:

Lesson 4: Butterfly

Lesson 5: Backstroke

Lesson 6: Breaststroke

Lesson 7: Freestyle

Lesson 8: Open Turns

Call your Mother:

Lesson 9: Closed Turns

Fast Flips and where to look:

Cross Over Turns (only Sr. Prep and Senior Groups):

Lesson 10: Backstroke Start

Ready Position:

Piece by Piece:

Lesson 11: Block Start

3 Step Dive:

Ready Position:

Finding the Correct Position:

Dino Dives:

Lesson 12: Diving Sequence

Lesson 13: Whistle Starts for Meets 

Lesson 14: Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for 5 Minutes:

Lesson 15: Visualization Exercises for Swimmers


Lesson 16: Health- Balancing Sleep, Eat, Homework, Swimming

Lesson 17: Safe Sport

Athlete Training:

Parent Training:

Lesson 18: Anti-Doping & Drug Tests

Anti Doping Homepage:

Drug Tests:

Lesson 19: Swimming Stages of Competitive Swimming


Lesson 20: Sharing a Lane


Lesson 21: Foam Rolling


Lesson 22: Stretches for Shoulders

Lesson23: Stretches for Legs

Lesson 24: Full Body Stretch Circuit

Lesson 25: Running Tips

Lesson 26: Lifting Tips

Lesson 27: Recovery Tips

Lesson 28: Sleep Tips

Lesson 29 Nutrition Tips for Meet

Lesson 30: Nutrition Tips for Training 

Lesson 31: How to be the Best Parent I can be to my athlete

Lesson 32: How to be the Best Coach for my team


Books and Readings