SL March Invite Meet (March 19-21, 2021) - Entry Deadline This Sunday, March 7th

Genevieve McNally

Hi All, 


We wanted to reach out about another very exciting development that has just come to fruition. We have been able to secure a MEET for our team in just under 3 weeks on March 19-21! We are so thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity for our swimmers after so long without a chance to truly show off what they can do! We understand this meet falls during Cherry Creek School Districts Spring Break and know this may lower our team's attendance. However we are striving to lock down at least one swim meet per month. Below are a few details about the meet that will give you some more information. 

  • The entry deadline to register for the meet is THIS SUNDAY, March 7th. We recognize that’s a quick turnaround, and we appreciate your diligence to make sure this gets done quickly.  
  • The meet information is attached. The meet information has a lot of details about how the meet will be run and spaced out with the flow of swimmers around the deck. We will be going over the procedure with the swimmers in practice ahead of the meet as well, but it will help a ton if they already have an idea of how things are supposed to work ahead of time too. The meet information also details the events that are offered, how many events they can swim, and other Covid policies, so please read the entire document to familiarize yourself with everything ahead of time. 
  • The entry fee you will be charged is:
    • $12 per event (prelim/final events), with a 6 event max
    • $9 per event (timed finals events), with an 8 event max 

  • We likely will need parents to help as timers in each session, so please come prepared to offer help if needed. The nice thing about timing this meet is that spectators are not allowed in the facility, so it would give you a front row seat to watch in the building compared to watching on the live feed. 
  • All families MUST show up on time for this meet. Swimmers who show up late to warmups/races will not be able to compete.
  • Please make sure you have signed the CSI Waiver, GTS Swim Meet Waiver and Club Greenwood waivers ahead of time. Swimmers missing either waiver will not be allowed to compete. The CSI Waiver and the GTS Swim Meet Waiver are attached, and you can find the Club Greenwood waiver  HERE. We have also put all forms under the Swim Meet Tab under the drop tab called Waivers. If you have NOT already filled out all 3 waivers you Must have them filled out in order to participate in the swim meet. 
  • The meet information mentions this as well, but if any swimmer or family member fails to follow any of the protocols detailed in the meet information, the swimmer and family will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund for meet fees paid. 

If you have any questions at all or are having issues getting into our website system to register your swimmers, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and we’ll be happy to help. Thank you all for your attention to detail on all things related to the meet, and we can’t wait to see our swimmers compete in just a couple weeks!! 


Coach Lane & Coach Genevieve