GTS Weekly Update: Week of June 21, 2021

Genevieve McNally

Hello GTS! 

WOW! The first month of summer is almost in the books. We are very proud of how our athletes are training this summer. Please remember to keep the athletes hydrated and protected while out in the sun.

Schedule Updates:

  • No Schedule Changes week of 6/21

Dryland Updates:

  • No Schedule Changes week of 6/21

Graduation Class of 2022:

  • Goal Meeting: Please reach out to Coach Lane and Coach Genevieve to set up meetings to discuss college and annual goals. Copy both coaches on the email and send your availability for a meeting.
  • NCAA Registration: Please ensure you are registered.

Graduation Class of 2021:

  • Please email the following information to Coach Lane and Coach Genevieve to ensure your highlighted in the Colorado Swimming High School Updated and in our Club Greenwood Senior Tribute FYI. Final submittals due Wednesday, June 30
    • Name
    • Picture (this will be used in publication with Colorado Swimming)
    • College 
    • Major
    • What was the best part of being on GTS?

Upcoming Swim Meets:

  • July 9-11: ZONE 2: 12 & Under Meet (more information to come, George Meyers Pool)
  • July 9-11: Zone 2 13 & Over Meet (more information to come, VMAC)
  • July 22-25: 2021 Long Course 13 & Over State Meet (more information to come, qualifying meet)
  • July 26-30: 2021 Arena Western Zones Information is out for qualifying athletes. Please reach out to Coach Lane if you can and are planning on attending the swim meet by June 25, 2021.         

***Please ensure you have all waivers submitted to Coach Genevieve prior to the meet. 

The three required waivers are on Team Unify under the Swim Meets drop down under the tab Waivers.

These waivers only need to be filled out once. 

Olympic Trials:

For all information regarding Olympic Trials go to U.S. Olympic Trials | NBC Olympics.

Meet Results:

Check out your athlete's profile on TeamUnify to see their most recent times.

For live unofficial meet results please, download Meet Mobile to your mobile device.


Please reach out with any questions.

All billing questions please send to Coach Genevieve.  


Coach Genevieve & Coach Lane