Class of 2019

McKenna Bennett - Ralston Valley H.S.

Nicholas Fox - Ralston Valley H.S. - Verbally committed to University of Florida Gators

Kimberly Lanaghen - Fairview H.S.

Cory Leidich - Golden H.S.

Keaton Maring - Ralston Valley H.S.

Ella McShane - Arvada West H.S.

Alexandria Schwier - Fairview H.S. - verbally committed to US Air Force Academy

Morgan Simon - Fairview H.S.

Rachel Soans - Legacy H.S.

Erin Stecker - Raslton Valley H.S.

Riley Tapley - Fairview H.S.

Sophia Thompson - Standley Lake H.S.

Cody Turner - Ralson Valley H.S.