Welcome to the Jeffco Hurricanes in Arvada. New swimmers are accepted into groups with openings. Contact us for more information.


Tryouts take place with Coach Carmen or by appointment. Ask for Carmen at the front desk when you arrive to be pointed in her direction. Be prepared for a short swim evaluation and with all your questions. Please bring the form at this link, completed, with no payment, to the evaluation. After the evaluation your swimmer will be given a group to do a trial week with or information on how to get prepared for the swim team.

Depending on the age of the swimmer, the skills required for the team vary. In the youngest groups, swimmers must be able to perform a 25 of freestyle and backstroke. As the swimmer gets older the skills include knowledge of all 4 strokes, streamline, turns, etc. Swimmers do not need perfect skills but something the coaching staff can work with in a group structure. Group space is limited.

All swimmers are allowed a one week trial to swim with the group and coach they've been assigned to. After this one week trial, new swimmers must register with the team. A completed USA Swimming registration form is needed to do the trial week but no payment.

Arvada Site: Contact Coach Carmen Babcock for a skills evaluation and with any questions. [email protected] or 303-887-5467.

Wheat Ridge Site: Contact Coach Sarah Corcoran for a skills evaluation and with any questions. [email protected]

Coaching / Team questions to:
Carmen Babcock
Bookkeeping questions to:
Lana Hearne
Appointments for skill evaluations and group placement can be made by contacting coach Carmen. Swimmers must be able to swim a 25 of free with breathing and backstroke to join the team.


1.  Trial week insurance form (required when starting trial week, payment not needed)