Depending on the age of the swimmer, the skills required for the team vary. In the youngest groups, swimmers must be able to perform a 25 of freestyle and backstroke. As the swimmer gets older the skills include knowledge of all 4 strokes, streamline, turns, etc. Swimmers do not need perfect skills but something the coaching staff can work with in a group structure. Group space is limited.

All swimmers are allowed a one week trial to swim with the group and coach they've been assigned to. After this one week trial, new swimmers must register with the team. A completed USA Swimming registration form is needed to do the trial week but no payment.

Arvada Site: Contact Coach Carmen Babcock for a skills evaluation and with any questions. [email protected] or 303-887-5467.

Wheat Ridge Site: Contact Coach Sarah Corcoran for a skills evaluation and with any questions. [email protected]