Apparel Order

Carmen Babcock

Jeffco is putting together an apparel order which will be ready for pick up at the February Finale. The DEADLINE FOR ORDERS IS JANUARY 19TH. If there is something you think would be a great item to add to the order, let me know and I will see if it is available. The google doc is editable, be careful not to erase an order for someone else. :)

If you have trouble putting your order in the google doc, send me an email. Carmen


THE ORDER MUST BE PICKED UP AT THE MEET, FEBRUARY FINALE, IT CANNOT BE PICKED UP BEFORE OR AFTER THE MEET. There is always some confusion around this requirement and as a 501c3 we have limitations on sales dates. Anyone who placed an order that needed to be picked up at a prior meet and didn't get a chance to do it, please replace your order to get those items this time around.