Team Dryland Information

Carmen Babcock

The Jeffco Hurricanes in Arvada / Wheat Ridge are moving forward with coach lead in person dryland. This is a safety first, movement second focus! We have thought through numerous scenarios to ensure our swimmers can get together and do dryland safely. If after reading through the plan you are not comfortable sending your swimmer to dryland, please do not send your swimmer. We appreciate the level of concern every parent has in these covid times.

Your coach will follow up with any specific information for your specific group.

Location: Robby Ferrofino Park 9001 West 74 th Ave, Arvada  [south of Meyers on Carr]
Coaching staff: Carmen, Mike and Sarah
5-6pm            Red                            
6-645             Yellow & Gold        
Location: Stenger Field, Park at the Field House 5724 Oak Street, Arvada
Activity: Open space on the west side of Oak Street
Coaching staff: Carmen, Mike, Sarah & Ashley
4-5pm            Orange & Green
5-6                 White, Black, Silver & Wheat Ridge White
6-645             Red, Wheat Ridge Gold & Wheat Ridge Red
Location: Oakhurst Park 9311 Lark Bunting Drive, Westminster
Coaching staff: Carmen, Mike & Ashley
4-5pm            Orange & Green
5-6                 White, Black & Silver
6-645             Yellow & Gold
Location: Ralston Recreation Area (North of A West HS, park in A West parking lot)
West of Allendale Park Pavilion 11200 Ralston Road, Arvada
Coaching staff: Carmen, Mike & Ashley
5-6pm            White, Black, Silver Orange & Green
6-645pm        Red
**Sarah will be scheduling an additional day for the Wheat Ridge site swimmers at a location in the Wheat Ridge area.

In an effort to plan even more effectively, please use the editable google doc to inform the coaches of your swimmer’s participation. We would like to hold these sessions in the smallest number of swimmers to coach possible and none of these groups will be larger than 10, including coach, and appropriate distancing. If there are several swimmers in the same family not scheduled at the same time, they can come together. If you are not sure which dryland session would be best, please contact your coach(es).

Sign up link includes links to the schedule and safety procedures.
Athletes need to bring a towel for laying on the grass, water bottle and mask on their face. None of these items are to be shared.

No team gear! The team would like to workout together but not draw attention to ourselves. The coaches and swimmers will be respectful and responsible in their actions during these dryland sessions. The physical exercise will not use any additional equipment, it will all be body weight.

Please read through these with your swimmer until they understand what is expected of them.
  1. Upon arrival remain in the car until the coaches wave you over. As you leave the car, walk towards the workout area one at a time, with 10-15 feet between you and your closest teammate. A staggered release from the vehicle to the workout area is preferred. If needed, especially with our younger swimmers, coaches may assist with this by pointing at the swimmer to start walking from their car.
  2. Swimmers will be directed to a workout area with one of the staff where their workout area will be clearly marked with the appropriate distancing between their teammates.
  3. Swimmers are to be attentive to the coach and follow directions.
  4. Swimmers are not to come within 6 feet of the other members of their group. There will be no high 5s, hugging, fist bumps or anything similar  during the dryland sessions.
  5. Swimmers will be required to wear a mask during the dryland sessions, only to be moved to drink from their water bottle.
  6. At the end of your swimmer’s training session, they will be released one at a time to return to the waiting ride home. Please be sure to be at the location 5 minutes before the end of your swimmer’s dryland.
  7. Swimmer’s unable to follow these procedures will not be allowed to participate in the dryland until the parents and coaches feel the swimmer understands the importance of the procedures and will abide by them. The number 1 goal is safety! The coaching staff believes our swimmers are capable of working together, distanced, and have some fun doing it.
  8. Additional procedures may be added to these as we run through and perfect the dryland and how to do them with the utmost safety.

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact your coach, Carmen or the entire coaching staff. Your concern is our concern and we want to provide an environment everyone believes is safe with quality exercise. Parents are welcome and encouraged to watch dryland from their vehicle.

The specific dryland has been developed by Ashley, our dryland coach, with feedback from the remaining coaching staff. It will be familiar, fun and useful to the swimmer’s overall strengthening, mobility and fitness.

The coaches are working on backyard dryland sessions, please contact me if you are interested and we will see when we can get one together. A coach will come to your home and do a dryland session in the backyard. Enter through a side gate and run your swimmer through their drills.

With the constantly changing directions being dropped by the Governor and County Health Department it has become evident we will need to provide more guidance to our swimmers via the internet / zoom. The coaches are working on an online program that is age and ability appropriate that provides examples of movements with feedback from a coach. As the program is completed, it will be rolled out as an additional option for our swimmers. It will be interactive with a coach using online content for dryland moves.

Replace fish with kids. 6 foot boxes, 6 feet apart