Safeway, Sprouts, Natural Grocers
NJST members can reduce their trimester practice fees by purchasing scrip cards through NJST. For every $100 purchased, $4.50 is credited toward your account to pay future practice fees and $.50 goes to NJST. This is available for Sprouts, Natural Grocers /Vitamin Cottage, and Safeway. Safeway cards are reloadable and reports are sent to NJST with reload amounts.  Credits are accumulated each trimester to be used the following trimester to pay for trimester fees. All initial cards must be purchased from the team and then reloaded at Safeway. Sprouts and Natural Grocers cards are not reloadable and new cards must be purchased each time. If the card is damaged or lost, a new one must be purchased from NJST. If you would like to purchase a card, or have questions on the scrip program, ask Stephanie Ravegum, our scrip coordinator. She can be reached at 303-478-0662, either call or text.

King Soopers
King Soopers begins their new Community Rewards program on April 1, 2019. The new program will accumulate funds to calculate nonprofit earnings when you use a registered King Soopers rewards card (or enter your Alternate ID) when buying groceries. The program assigns nonprofit earnings based on total purchases. The more team members and their families participate, the more the team earns. The amount will be based on a percentage of all nonprofits enrolled with King Soopers.  To learn more, or to enroll, visit the King Soopers Community Rewards webpage.  You will need a King Soopers rewards card and be registered at