Frequently Asked Questions



Is it safe to swim with the ongoing COVID19 crisis?

The short answer is yes. Swimming is very safe. The pool water is itself a sanitzer, the chlorine in the water makes the coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria effectively "dead" within seconds. Loveland Swim Club and Swim School also follow guidelines put in place by USA Swimming, the State, and the County Dept. of Health that make swimming incredibly safe and make the risk of transmission at our practices extremely low.

- From the time they enter, to the time they leave the facility, all participants and coaches stay 6ft. or more apart.

- Coaches and instructors wear masks and/or face shields and participants also wear masks when they are not swimming.

- Equipment and commonly touched surfaces are sanitized between uses.

- Pool capacity is limited to coaches, pool staff, and participants. Capacity is also limited to 50% up to a maximum of 50 people.

We have been holding practices and lessons since early June and have been able to maintain and meet all safety guidelines with no issues. We want all of our families to feel safe when attending practices and have been working diligently to do so


How much does it cost? 
Is there a registration Fee? USA Swimming Fee?
Our year-round and swim school swimmers pay an annual registration fee of $25 and $15 respectively. Seasonal swimmers do not pay a registration fee. All Year-round and Seasonal swimmers must be USA Swimming members. This is a $76 annual fee that covers insurance and the option to compete. Unfortunately there is not an alternative for swimmers who do not want to compete. Many of our swim school members compete in meets, those swimmers also pay the annual USA Swimming registration fee.
Can I suspend my child's membership?
Year-round swimmers can suspend their membership at no cost or penalty anytime during the year. We just ask that you let us know by the 25th of the month prior to when you would like to suspend your membership.
What are the volunteer requirements?
Each year ask families to volunteer to help us run our home swim meets. Every group has volunteer requirements specific to that group.   Families are required to work either 4 or 6 volunteer shifts depending on their child's group level.
Is my child ready for swim team?
Competitive swimming can seem intimidating to someone who is new to the sport, but it is a fun and rewardingsport once you join. Our groups have some limited requirements for joining listed below. If you are interested to see where your child fits in our team you can set up an evaluation by emailing Coach Katie
Are competitions required?
Competitions are only required for year-round swimmers in AG 1, 2, 3, Pre-Senior and the Senior group. They are optional for all other groups. We do encourage swimmers to participate in meets as we believe they are a fun and rewarding part of the sport
Where do your groups swim?  Our team swims at Mountain View, Thompson Valley, and Loveland High School most of the year. During the summer some of our swimmers practice in Greeley at Centennial pool. We also occaisionally use Chilson pool in Loveland and EPIC in Fort Collins. Larimer County has approved the plan and is going forward with building a new aquatic center at The Ranch in 2027. We hope to move some of our practices there in the future. You can see the info for this new facility through this link

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid? Loveland Swim Club does offer need-based financial assistance. If you are interested in applying email us.