Mini MACS is a novice group with a major emphasis on stroke technique, coordination, and development. Swimmers are typically 8 and younger. Practice is offered three times per week and most swimmers attend twice a week. This group will be introduced to meet competition at the Suburban League level. There is no attendance policy. Swimmers are expected to begin attending meets after being on the team for a month or two. In order to join mini-macs swimmers must be seen by the coach to be sure they can swim a length (25 yards) of freestyle with their face in the water and breathing to the side as well as a length of backstroke.  They should have knowledge of butterfly and breaststroke, but do not need to be legal in them yet. 

Mini MACS are coached by Coach Laura. Call 303-690-7100 to speak with Coach Laura.

Mini MACS Fees: $65/month(Sept-July); $25/month fundraising commitment(Oct-July).  Monthly dues are collected for 11 months.  Monthly fundraising commitments are collected for 10 months.