Sectional Group

The Sectional Group swims 9-10 times per week, with a dryland program in addition to water time. Attendance is a very high priority. Female athletes are typically 13 or 14 and older and male athletes are typically 14 or 15 and older on this practice group. Swimmers have demonstrated a skill level commensurate with that needed to compete at the USA Swimming Sectional meet level and above. Swimmers must have the necessary self-discipline and work ethic to handle training at an elite level, and must have exhibited the necessary practice paces, as determined by the coach, throughout practices for a period of three to six months prior to moving to the Sectional Group. Swimmers are expected to attend meets to the highest level they qualify. Equipment includes fins, paddles, snorkel, and pull buoys. 

Coach Andy coaches the Sectional Group. Click here to contact Coach Andy or call 303-690-7100.

Sectional Fees: $195/month(Sept-July); $80/month fundraising commitment(Oct-July).  Monthly dues are collected for 11 months.  Monthly fundraising commitments are collected for 10 months.

Collegiate Swimmers

MACS has a long history of preparing swimmers for a successful collegiate swimming career. Click here for information about this select group of swimmers.