MACS Team Store

Support the team by wearing MACS gear! Custom MACS gear is available to order from M.I. Sports. Call these businesses directly to place an order or request custom items. MACS Coaches will have team caps at all meets.


MI Sports
4025 E Iliff
Denver, CO

Click link above for Team Suits, Parkas, Bags, Warm-ups. Beanies, Drag Suits and Equipment (i.e. Fins, Paddles and Pull Buoys). Ordering instructions are detailed at the bottom of this page. (Special Thanks to our sponsor M I Sports.)

MACS Swim Caps           Latex:  $8.00        Silicone:  $13.00

Purchase caps from coaches
Coaches will record your name & $ amount purchased
You will be billed for your purchase on your monthly statement
Coaches will have swim caps on hand at practice sessions & at meets

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Team swim caps goes directly to the team.

Ordering Instructions

MI Sports

Instructions for ordering Team Suits, Parkas, Bags, Beanies, Drag Suits & Equipment from M.I. Sports

  • Click on appropriate link above to view printable order form
  • Call M.I. Sports @ 1-800-693-3539 & place your order directly through them with your credit card
    • M.I. Sports will advise on shipping costs @ time order is placed or you can pick up at their Denver location
    • M.I. Sports will take your credit card # over the phone
    • Or, M.I. Sports will ship directly to you if there are no other team orders leaving their store


  • Delivery on all orders is approximately 2 weeks
  • You will be notified by phone or email when orders are in
  • Please direct questions regarding product, size etc. to M.I. Sports @ 1-800-693-3539
  • Please review your order carefully as ALL SALES ARE FINAL

Thank you for your order! Go MACS!


TECH SUIT INFORMATION-The USA Swimming 12 and Under tech suit ban goes into effect September 2020- No more tech suits allowed for 12 and Under swimmers, at that time unless a swimmer qualifies for Junior Nationals. There was some misunderstanding among coaches in CO and many of us thought we were banning them this September. Many LSC's have already put their own ban in place and we didn't get on top of thatIn light of that, MACS will continue with our current policy: NO tech suits for 10 and Under swimmers and 11-12 Year Olds may only wear a tech suit once they have qualified for the Short Course Colorado State Championships. They may only be worn at a Championship meet (prelim/final) or at the Loveland meet in February (if you already have State times and want to wear the suit once before wearing it at State). We are completely happy for swimmers not to wear them at all. Save your money! They are unnecessary for younger swimmers. Here is a good article with some reasons.